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Full Version: Devastated and barkskins...
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Fellow naturally minded mercenaries,

I was devastated to learn that the support to empower this group has faded: an important voice for the natural world has quieted as a consequence.

Travelling yesterday I took some soundings and there seems to be wide support for reinvigorating this guild, or establishing something similar in its place. I now mean to garner some interest and arrange something, though I am happy to defer to others perhaps better placed to be guild head and so forth. Please register here with interest?

Finally, I wonder if any here can provide a barkskin evocation to me and other members.. in my case, at least, it would make a great difference. Though I am not a Druid or manipulator of earth Power.

Olwyn Jura
Spring Fey

I am keen to restore this strength to the natural world.

I heard through the grapevine (not figuratively) and I'm not happy, I quite liked being tough and being able to make natural brews! We should definitely empower the guild again somehow! And then maybe the grapevine will stop nagging me!

Errin (although you more likely know me as Twiglet)
Its funny i have the power to make natural brews by hand and give perm barkskin but oh well.

I would support this endeavour

Godric Snowsson

(OOC - I’m up for playing or crewing this / these)
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