Characters in Labyrinthe earn experience each time they adventure. Initially this experience is reflected in advancing through experience levels, until they reach level 8, with characters gaining new standard abilities as they progress.

From that point onwards characters accumalate experience points each time they adventure. Those points can be spent on abilities that are published in the various class books and source books (refered to as "standard" abilities), or they can be spent on abilaties that they apply for through the "non-standard" system.

Non-standard abilities are applied for in writing (either by e-mail or at the desk on special forms on yellow paper). These requests go to the GSM (Game System Manager) for his approval and costing, and are then returned to the club member with a cost in points and a table threshold at which the ability can be bought.

This results in a vastly diverse system where any player can design their character in a very individual way.