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Full Version: This Saturday 16th September
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Hi Young Players,

As requested I am planning to do a guild start up this Saturday for a new guild "The Everlasting Dark"

This would be a social guild for evil characters that either worship / follow or share the same kind of beliefs as Belthraxian. (being evil is great etc)

The plan will be to get this started with this week's dungeon on Saturday.

It will need at least 6 players and a monster or two to make it count as a Guild start up so you will need to make sure you book on.

You will also need to play an evil character.

Do not worry if we don't get enough for the start up we will still run a dungeon and I will have a back up plan.

Hopefully you are all still keen, so please book on and ask your friends to book on too.

Many Thanks


Sam and robin won't make it so it will just be me and whoever else is going but I don't think there's enough young players for this dungeon and off topic what do I get with the 50 isp I got.
We will see; if it goes ahead great, if not we can try again another day.

It's shame if we can't get enough players for a dungeon this week. I will keep my fingers crossed.

I honestly can't remember what I did, I think it was embody abishai x 2 a day but I really can't remember.
Nooooo it was too see about a manic live to minus

Not a evil angel
Oh yes, that's what I did! Lol
I'm pretty sure Sam and robin can't go so I don't think we will have enough
Maybe alternate path where we can still do it?
Unfortunately due to lack of interest, and limited numbers we have been forced to cancel this tomorrow.

My apologies but this was unavoidable this week


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