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Full Version: 10th Sept - Monsters Wanted
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Hey folks,

We could do with another monster or two for the Mistbound event this Sunday. It's the only event running that day so if you were looking for something to do, please come along!

Whilst it is part of a campaign that has been running through the year, this dungeon marks the party getting into a newer arc of the plot - so here's a bit of a teaser about what they're running into. This dungeon is also leading into the October 2-day, if you were thinking of coming to that and would like a bit of an intro.

When Port Miere deconverged from Primus at the Final Dawn, the Goddess known as the Netter ensured that it would remain whole despite the assault upon it by Salas of the Deep. But the Mistress of the Undersea also gathered in Her net the pieces of another plane, one known only as the Shattered World. The Shattered World, once a plane large enough to contain multiple cities, was destroyed centuries ago when a Word of Power was spoken within it. The world broke into a thousand pieces, all within it were killed in a single moment, and from it emerged seven Divinities.

These Divine are now acting within Primus and Port Miere, Their true intentions unknown or barely understood. Even more than that, these Divine exist without followers - a fact that should be impossible given the nature of the exostance. Seeking to gain greater knowledge about the Pantheon of Seven and Their Shattered World, a group of mercenaries are now seeking to enter the hundred fragments of that plane that have been attached to Port Miere.

The question is, what will they find in a world that has been dead for centuries?

More info is as always in the campaign forum.

Adding a bump to this as we have sadly lost our one monster. Please consider coming along, or do what you can to pull crew in if you're playing.

Many apologies for the broken record impression.
I'm probably going to come and help out.
I'm not going to book on until last minute dom com if I do.

Thanks Rob!

Also bumping this to note that I have someone willing to book off and monster in order to make sure we can run. However, it's Pete, who has been reffing through the year and is also reffing the Final Dawn in December. Let's make sure he actually gets to play for once!
We have a monster! Yay!

One more would be fantastic so that I don't have to monster, if anyone is free on Sunday and keen to join us in exploring a broken world smile.gif
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