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Another good extended length run this weekend, we now have a normal weekend at the caves before another one the weekend after. For your delight we have:

In Purity Max 3k Guild Special – People are keen to keep the popular anti undead guild going, currently has 6 players with Alan G reffing it. Space for a few more as it has an a-ref and 1 monster already

Knights of the Land Max 7.5k Guild Special, being reffed by Lee as part of his ongoing campaign. With Fi as his a-ref. Currently has 7 players but is in need of a monster or 2

Young Players Overland, something new for us, we are trying to run an event at Buckmore Park for all our young players. It is being reffed by Tim and Rich E, the cost is £50 for a full day including a light lunch. Where everyone will play the majority of the day but also everyone will take a turn monstering for a small section as well. See the young player forums for more details. Needs more YP’s to book on to ensure it runs!

Mistbound Campaign max 5250, part of Rebecca’s ongoing campaign to prepare for Port Meire to return at the end of the year. It will tie in to the newly booked 2-day next month. It currently has 8 players, an a-ref and 1 monster so could do with a couple more on each side.

Further Ahead
Next weekend we have a 5250 3-day at Polyapes Scout Camp being reffed by Rob B and Ed I, there are still more player spaces available if people want to book on.

On the 14th/15th October we have a 2-day being reffed by Rebecca as part of her Mistbound campaign, it is in need of more players and monsters if anyone wants to come join the fun.

More details of both events can be found on the extended length forum.

Rumours and Gossip
Plans are well underway for next years extended lengths, we have levels, dates and sites pencilled in. Next step will be chatting to the referees to try and get them signed up to an event. We are planning to announce all the details by October.

This Saturday sees Lee’s birthday drinks in the Bickley, we have a section reserved for us so it would be nice to see lots of you there to help our GSM celebrate.
The usual call this week, we need some monsters both days to ensure that all the dungeons have enough to run without people booking off.

In Purity Max 3k Guild Special – 7 players, an a-ref and a monster helping Alan out, so looking ok.

Knights of the Land Max 7.5k Guild Special, being reffed by Lee as part of his ongoing campaign. Down to 6 players, it does ideally need at least 1 monster to run.

Closed Pre 8th - A group of new and returning players have booked a low level dungeon this week. Being reffed by James I, it has 1 monster but could really do with an a-ref to give them all a good time. Hopefully we can welcome them to/back to the caves in style.

Young Players Overland, 5 players booked, and a potential couple more. A decision about this running will be made this evening, if you are wanting to play this please register and book on, or email to book on ASAP!


Mistbound Campaign Max 5250 - Currently has 8 players, it does however need a monster or 2 to help Rebecca and her a-ref out.

Seems enough interest in a Tuesday club running next week, will be added to the bookings page. It will need a ref
Confirmation that the young players overland will be running this weekend. It could ideally do with some more players but we going to give it the chance to run.
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