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Full Version: Thanks to my monsters!
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I didn't get a chance to say thanks to half my monsters before they all vanished at the end of the day.

Giles, Hol and Connor, you kept things pleasantly dangerous and adapted to the party's (and my) highly variable plans. I owe you one, let me know if you need a ref or monster to repay the favour in future.

Flo and Elle, I already had a chance to say thanks, so I assume you're already basking in the rosy glow of a job well done.


As Leo said, a big thanks to the monsters today! Also to Leo for being an awesome ref, thanks all I had a great time.

Stomps (Bug the troll).
A huge thanks to Leo for stepping in to ref and putting up with us, I'd be amazed if you didn't have a headache by the end of it!

And a big big thanks to all the monsters, you were great.

It was a great dungeon, very interesting and fun.
Thanks from me too. I still don't quite know how we got through it.

Adding my thanks to the monsters and to Leo for a fun and interesting dungeon.

Thanks to the party as well, even Jamie... wink.gif, for being an interesting blend.

Agreed, thanks to Leo for a great dungeon and the monsters for putting up with us, not quite sure how we stumbled through it, but we got there in the end.

Apologies for continuously changing our minds and dragging you all over the different sections.

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