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Ladies & gents,

Despite having done a fair few guild specials over the years, we have a pretty poor blow-up date and will lose our top tier if we don't get a successful guild special done before October (Blow up date is Oct 2017... )

Unfortunately, the core group has dwindled and those that use to do most of guild specials are widespread points wise making it more difficult. I know it can be a struggle nowadays to get a guild special together and its difficult to get crew regardless of guild special or not but if anyone is interested in doing a max 3k In Purity dungeon on 9th September (Either playing or crew), then please book on.
Currently there are only two adult dungeons on that day, 7.5k KotL and 3k In Purity dungeon. Both currently have 5 players so not enough for a guilds special but enough for a guild themed dungeon. Our dungeon currently has no crew and the KotL has just Lee and Fi crewing.

In an ideal world both dungeons would run and I have chatted to the awesome Cotter about remote possibility of merging the two if neither look like filling up/getting crew (But there is strong possibility more people will book onto KotL/it might be suit everyone)

If no one else fancies booking on/we get no crew, would anyone be up for a dungeon (Either playing or crewing) later in year to get top tier back etc? (Meaning we likely cancel 09/09 dungeon)

I hope to have a guild contact finally sorted soon for us to get Great Guild Hall and then follow it up with one to get Statuses in similar manner to Knights of Legend but I want to ensure there is sufficient interest in guild to do that.

I hope to ref a couple of lower level dungeons next year as a few people have mentioned they have low pts characters and hopefully this will both encourage new players to book on and prolong the life of the guild. I also hope to persuade some mad soul to ref some higher level dungeons as well.

We currently have two items which will blow-up before middle of 2018 so lets try and get some use out of them!

Watching of the Academy BUD - 22/04/18

Casts Blessing of Battle as per Miracle 1/day (May be used by any guild member but requires utilise spirit item)

Amulet of the Cradle BUD - 15/05/18 Each guild member gains 6 levels of spiritual dismisses which can be split as desired e.g. 2 x dismiss Ghoul, 6 x Dismiss Zombie, 1 x Dismiss Vampire etc. It also grants utilise spirit item that Amulet ONLY so all guild members may used it.

If anyone is interested in playing, please book on. If not, but have any sort of questions/ideas/willing to ref which may help the guild continue that lease post away! (Got a feeling the guild would fold if we lost both advanced and intermediate tiers tbh and would rather build on what we have than have to restart the guild in some form).

Alan the glum
I could be tempted to play, but I'd only be 100pts past, which is just a 20% res buffer for others...
I've booked on and will play a guild member. It's a great guild and more people should join in too.

I have just booked in to play this with my Mortal paladin
Great news! 8 players now! Just need to found a ref and some crew. Failing that, if I can get some crew, I will book off to ref as will still have 6+ players.

I've booked on to a ref for you.

Awesome news! Thanks Edd.

I have booked off playing to ref now so will get writing soon. Hopefully we can get a monster or two.

If people fancy letting me know what they are playing that would be ace.



QUOTE(Kail @ Aug 30 2017, 12:12 PM) *
I've booked on to a ref for you.

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