So some bits, to keep it easy:

If you have/will ever accept my mark ally you are my ally (it can be magical or mantic). Please let me know if you don't.
If you are my marked ally and a noble/Yeoman/retainer to house stoneheart you gain an innate pain.

~ And if I cast power ups on you they are from the below list to save people asking ~

Lingering shield - Is + 1 MAC/PAC for 24 hours, doesn't stack with spell generate A/C
Golden Watching - Live to minus 6 the first time you need it. Doesn't stack with other kick in live to and you can only benefit from the live to once each day.
Hebral Infusion - Is the Jade Spell.

Refuge - 60ft radius, as long as I am inside it everyone that is my ally gains the benefits of a Shield spell, if it is removed it is instantly recast.