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So we have a 3 day weekend this weekend with events taking place each day, plus Tuesday club the evening after so looking like it will be a busy one. We are still in need of crew for the themedays on Saturday and Monday if anyone can help out. There are extra rewards for those that can be involved in both.

Sellaville Day – City themed day master reffed by Chris G, currently we have the following numbers:
Max 20K – 10 Players, Chris G reffing with an a-ref and 2 monsters
Max 10k – 6 Players, 2 Monsters, needs a ref and a-ref
Max 4k – 7 Players, 1 A-ref no monsters
The 4 k section is already partially written if someone is able to step in to ref it, we obviously need some more crew as well.
Young Players, being reffed by Rich E and Paul B, needs more people to book on to make sure this runs.

Unity Max 5250 Picnic – Overland at Buckmore Park being reffed by Julian D, currently has 8 players, an a-ref and 3 monsters so looking all good to go. If anyone else wants to play get in touch with me.

Druids Themeday – At Buckmore Park, currently as follows:
Max 16k – 11 players, Pete L reffing and 1 a-ref and monster.
Max 4k – Only 2 players now and just an a-ref so isn’t looking promising at the moment
Ideally we need some more monsters.

Tuesday – 29th August
Being reffed by me, currently 4 players booked, and just an a-ref, so people needed on both sides.

Further Ahead
Next weekend we have the 10k 2-day at Pinewood scout camp, still some player spaces up for grabs if people want to join the fun.

Two weeks after that we have the 5250 3-day at Polyapes which also has player and monster spaces available.

Rumours and Gossip
The caves was rented out to another system this weekend, which by all accounts went well and is something we may look in to doing again in the future when we have busy extended lengths running or is likely to be a quiet weekend. If you are interested in hiring them out get in touch.

Duncan, Kat and I are having our firs planning meeting this week for extended lengths next year, if you have anything you want us to consider then get in touch.
Is Monday's themeday still set a Max 16k?

So, update for the weekend:

The Sellaville day will be running in 2 parties, the 20k and the 4k, with 2 a-refs and 5 monsters between them so far. We could still do with a ref for the 4k section if anyone is free? The dungeon is written so just needs someone to run it. There is a back up plan if we can't find a ref but is one that I want to have to avoid if we can. Please get in touch if you free to help out!
Young players still needs more of you to book on, we only have 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Do need a few more

The Unity dungeon has a full compliment of crew but has lost a couple of players so if anyone fancies coming along as a guest spot then let me know. Is basically open to anyone goodly and probably some neutral characters as well. Will be fun day out in the woods with a BBQ lunch and 165 points up for grabs if anyone fancies joining us. Weather is even meant to be nice!

Druids Themeday is down to just 1 party, the max 16k being reffed by Pete L, it has lots of crew, there are a couple more player spaces if anyone wants to play as something suitable, don't have to be a druid!

Is up to 6 players, with an a-ref and 1 monster so looking all good to go, although few more on both sides would be good!
Also, as the caves site will be closed Sunday and Monday, please make sure you pay for your dungeons those days in advance!
Just to add the caves are closed Sunday and Monday. Can overland people make sure kit is grabbed Saturday and all payments are made in advance smile.gif

There are still a number of people who still need to pay for the overlands tomorrow or Monday. Please do so ASAP via bank transfer as the caves wont be open. If you need the bank details please email
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