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Is it possible to get a split personalited person to be to different people. Like split them apart making two character cards through priestly abilities
Or spiritual means
QUOTE(Phoenix13 @ Aug 12 2017, 12:17 AM) *
Or spiritual means

My understanding is that you can be made insane and how you roleplay that would be down to you or you can purchase different types of neurotic insanities on table 1 but you would always only have the one character card... you could always roleplay being insane but of course be quite normal... just a little.... odd.... technically, split personalities don't exist other than in bad detective dramas or hollywood... the different types of personality disorders and neurotic behaviours so the table 1 abilities are the nearest to the real thing in game... I am so going to get the Megalomania on my UC... being a UC should come with a discount though, surely...
A (very) long time ago, I remember reffing someone who from a base of scout gone dabbled had a flexible spend on top of that they chose on the day.

So their first 1500 points (probably it was a very long time ago) were as normal and then they got to respend the rest of their points to make them more like a wizard, priest etc.

There were probably some restrictions that I can't quite recall and I would assume a tax on the respent points but it seemed an interesting way to do what now tends to be done with avatars.

Provisos about being a different time, a different GSM and rather a vague memory apply.


I had a split personality wizard ages ago... mana pool was split between them etc etc... was fun rp at times smile.gif
In short yes.

It's possible and lots of different versions to varying degrees have been done over the years.

Depends on role play and the sort of mechanics you want.

This is really an interesting topic. i Might try this one later today.I think I might enjoy more in the game. Thanks!
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