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Full Version: Should Immunity to Neuronics be removed?
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Bit bored on a Friday and no one seems to do Friday topics anymore.

Anyway whilst I appreciate it was made a bit more expensive recently I'm wondering if the system would be a better place if you couldn't buy immunity to neuronics soo easily and dare I say it still cheaply.

It seems a little odd that it's perhaps the only powerbase you can just standardly spend x points and be immune. Perhaps if it were harder to be immune refs might set more neuronic stuff giving a bit more variety to the system?

That or maybe the world is a better place without monster neuronists who all tediously neuropen the same person to death.


PS does anyone buy NAC? smile.gif
The problem lies in the speed at which they can be used. Monster casters have always benefited from the fact they only have one encounter in which to spend all their power and so have the ability to blow large amounts of it on one person. Neuronics are even more dangerous because as well as being able to freely use them all in one encounter they have very short verbals and do all their damage to the head. Even in 120 life 7 neuronic pens or a 2 blasts and 3 pens puts you unconscious. Especially dangerous if there is more than one monster that decides to unleash on the same person. A wizard who doesnt buy immunity to neuronics could be killed with just a few blasts. 6 words in total and leaves very little time to react.

If perhaps there was a cheaper option to buy resistances to them, such as 1 to damaging neuronics, 2 to damaging neuronics that worked in the same way as causing or spirit bolt that might lead to less people buying the full immmuntiy. But with no easy standard option for half or quarter fx and the ease at which a couple of monsters with neuronics can kill someone it is often times too risky not to buy the immunity.
Yep. It is really annoying when a monster unleashes, within a matter of seconds, a huge number of neuro pens etc they know should kill you. 275pts to ignore that part of the system seems fair.
QUOTE(fatteacher @ Aug 11 2017, 06:52 PM) *
Yep. It is really annoying when a monster unleashes, within a matter of seconds, a huge number of neuro pens etc they know should kill you. 275pts to ignore that part of the system seems fair.

The pros say auric colour first to see if you bought the immunity and move on to the next viable target...
QUOTE(daork @ Aug 11 2017, 03:51 PM) *
The problem lies in the speed at which they can be used.

You Could say the same about physical attacks.. blush.gif
QUOTE(NickMonsterSands @ Aug 11 2017, 10:01 PM) *
You Could say the same about physical attacks.. blush.gif

But are far less likely to kill you in that speed unless you are not a front line character, at which point dont be in melee range, or the monster is an assasin, at which point immune to backstab is a win
It has been around for nearly 30 years and whilst I am not that involved with the modern system I do not think it is broken.

I disliked it mostly because my main for a long time was a mystic and I felt it was unfair that it is the only powerbase with a flat out immunity on the tables (bar chi perfection for monks). Now this thread has made me actually sit down and think about it, I'm not that fussed.

In reality it doesn't make much difference as a PC: There's already so many ways to be immune as an NPC/monster that a tables ability really doesn't change anything.

So the only place it really matters (IMHO) is in PvP or when NPCs attack PCs with neuronics. "Neuronic cluster: 16 neuronic penetrations" really doesn't take long to say (that was basically my input to the 4 day!) and is a lot of damage, very quickly. But, even without complete immunity, there's now potions, readily available NAC, and other ways to mitigate neuronic damage on the tables so players can now greatly reduce incoming damage and still enjoy neuomastery. NAC 4 takes a pen to 2/2, so suddenly "Neuronic cluster: 16 neuronic penetrations" isn't so deadly. Its still unpleasant, but at the level where I would accept that from a monster/NPC it's hardly lethal to anyone bar squishies (to whom everything is just as lethal, or they wouldn't still be a squishy). Obviously "neuronic cluster: 10 neuronic blasts", or disruptions etc. would be more and more lethal. But for something like to be set it would have to be with the intention of being a 1 shot and done thing. No one would actually develop a character or realistic NPC that way without gimping themselves in other ways. (Now there's an idea for my rebirth...)

I think the reason it is so cheap is because offensive neuronics aren't really encountered that much from monsters. The very rare occassion I've encountered them it's been 1 encounter to let the mystic have his moment, or been self power-ups. But, are they not encountered because of the cheap immunity? Chicken and egg, I guess...

Is it an issue? Has anyone's character, or even day, been ruined by its existence?
I feel like it's only going to be a real issue if the non-undead/elementals of a dungeon has the immunity.
Letting PC who use neuronics actually use their abilities is cool and necessary.

1500-3k myths.

Let everyone get involed to play. Or a back to back system where can play and crew one
Will it make a difference?

IMO, this isn't a question of should it be removed from the book, it's should power base immunities be easy to get? I'd say yes.

Removing the immunity from the tables wont stop the immunity, it'll just make it cost £3.50 and 275pts rather than just the CPs.

Just my opinion
Would you get rid of elves being immune to spirits for free? Or all the really cheep ways of being immune to flesh and blood (so the druid power base) that exist now? There are a lot of ways now to be standardly immune to power bases, just look at the mana only multi race.

If you can't guess I think it's fine.

I'm in agreement that it should be taken out generally.

It's not like being immune to spirits, which com a with a whole host of its downsides. There are little to no downsides to it and it's extremely cheap
Like most things good arguments either way. As dan said there arent really any major downsides to being immune but then the upside is that when you do find something you can effect you're pretty potent.

It seems even with the excellent new books magic and spirit will always be the major powers with ep and neuronics having their more sensible ref setting niches.
Not being able to use Neuro Mastery at will is a big downside
got to second Jason there biggest down side no neuromastery.
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