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Not quite sure where to start with saying thanks. The amount of work and effort that went into this was quite frankly breathtaking. Writing, props, getting through all the build up problems, and then running a full on, relentless week of mayhem, just amazed at the work it must have taken.

So Sam and Craig, the crew, Sarah and Ian for organising, Duncan and the CMT, and ALL the players, thank you so much all. Was exactly what myths should be, stressful, emotional, memorable, hilariously funny at times, hideously creepy and weird at other times.

Last minute saves, awful failures and schisms that we only just overcame. Pushed to the absolute limits, and sometimes beyond.

We were also all soooooo well looked after by Adelle, she was an absolute star, and the food was top notch and plentiful, please do pass on my thanks to her Rob!

Absolutely bloody exhausted now.

Wont go into favourite moments and the like here, this really is just to say a massive thanks to one and all. Will be end of September before I'm around the caves again, but am ready for a break after a week like that! smile.gif


Yep would like to say my

Was a great event and can only
Thank everyone involved

Loads of perm deaths and loads of res chance taken!

Very cool plot with some VERY scary monsters! I mean REALLY & PROPERLY scary!

Much thanks to Sam & Craig for all the lead-ups as well as the final event.

Thanks to all the monsters who made the event possible. Tireless & good humoured. Thank you!

Adelle. Loved the Lasagne.... and the caramel shortbtread was epic. smile.gif

Details & best moments to follow.... tired now.

Jealous of those of you just getting back and settling down. Have already spent a day in court and spent two hours giving evidence!

Thanks to all for an amazing week. Not one I will forget for a long time.

Despite being increasingly chronically broken (Doctors appointment booked) I found myself wishing we could just have a few more days by the end. Felt like there was still so much more to learn and do.

Truly impressive.

Next year plans? wink.gif
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