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Full Version: Sellavile Day
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Coming up on the 26th August we have the Sellavile City day. We have 3 linked dungeons booked that are all going to be in and around the city and dealing with the ongoing plot there. This is being master reffed by Chris Greenaway who has been running it for a number of years now. Last years fun day included doing deals with a dosgy magiarch and a 75point post character having to kill the final boss as he won the Sellavile games!

The event is a themeday, so triple length in cost/rewards, with the tavern likely to be IC all day and probably finishing a bit later than usual. Further details will be provided nearer the time though

The dungeons are up and filling up nicely with players, what we do however need are a couple of other refs, some a-refs and some monsters. The thresholds are 20k, 10k and 4k. Chris is reffing the 20k but would love a couple of other refs to help him out, he undoubtedly has some plot he can give you plus options to add your own to it. If you fancy reffing with him get in touch or mention it here.

In addition to the usual rewards for monstering a triple length at the caves at the caves those that crew get the option to make a monster point item off of the Themeday table, this included power stores, pure weapons and mantic weapons! See the ISP book for all the details.

Will get a party list going as well if those that are booked on want to say who they are playing:

Lee – Tarquin - Wizard/Priest
Fi – Lydia - Witch

Rich – Theo - Healing Priest
Carlo – Bramwen - Ranger/druid

Brett - Bede - Priest
Martin W - Rat Kensai
I'm goblin duellisting

Thanks Rich,

The Tavern will indeed be a IC location all day.

If you are interested in reffing one of the sections please do get in touch. I have plot I can give you for you to expand upon yourself.

I have the potential to do this, probably not as a player as I need to repay some crew and refs.
Haven't raised this with my darling wife yet though. Issue would be I really can't get away with a late finish as wife points are used at a much higher rate if I finish after 6pm wink.gif
As soon as I know I will book on. Can anyone point me in the direction of a full player list please? If I can point out a long list of who I owe, I think I can swing it smile.gif
Hey Andy, it is a triple length so will finish after 6, however you can head off whenever you need to.

QUOTE(JackFlashblade @ Aug 6 2017, 10:44 AM) *
Hey Andy, it is a triple length so will finish after 6, however you can head off whenever you need to.


Yup, I know it is due to finish late as a triple length.
I have booked to monster the 10k but understand that I will be placed where needed. Can stay until at least 6pm but may be able to do more depending on how the family is doing bedtime-wise by then
Shame I don't need a theme day monster point item. Seems a waste!
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