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I had a loose conversation with Duncan and Kat about the possibility of starting a Gauntlet League.
  • 5 dungeons will be written for each season. level will be set slightly higher that party average ( this is meant to be hard)
  • team will complete all 5 dungeons. Points will be added up and the winners will get character appropriate 100 isp items and Grulls and Gauntlet league winner status made available to buy.
  • you enter a team in to the league at a cost of 2000G per member then you have to complete 5 challenges
  • Minimum 8 in a team

Team points will be awarded for:
  • Team work
  • Speed
  • Originality
  • non com based problem solving
  • number of character deaths (or lack of)

this is just a concept currently and the above details are subject to many changes.

please vote if you are interested

Any level?
Any restrictions?
Current or new characters?

Hi Dan,

As I said this is a concept currently and just gauging interest in the overall idea of a team based league. Any thing mentioned will be subject to many changes but I envisage it to be based between 1-3k,
Restrictions: probably no non-standard rebirths as they can be somewhat unbalancing at lower end of the system as I say this is concept only and may not get off the ground. other than that none really. you want a diverse team to be able to cover
as many scenarios as possible.


QUOTE(DanM @ Aug 4 2017, 01:08 PM) *
Any level?
Any restrictions?
Current or new characters?

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