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Full Version: Massive Extended Length thanks
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Hey everyone,

I don't post often these days, and I tend not to write thank you posts very often (and perhaps I should) but I just thought I would cover a huge thank you all in one.

I have to admit, my interest in the caves was fading a little - due to the lack of extended length happening, that and a lot of my friends almost 'moving over' to other systems to experience the extended length experience that was starting to lack at the caves a little.

But, I have to say a huge thanks to the Fromum, who has taken a great deal of time and effort organising events, crew, refs, players, mothers, sites, tidying up... he has quite literally been involved in almost all of them to make sure they have run smoothly, and in different capacities. I'm fairly certain this year boasts a record number of extended events of all sorts of levels and themes, creating a high level of involvement and excitement for players across the board.

If it wasn't for him, and for all these extended lengths happening, I'm not sure I would have played any cave dungeons at all this year bar perhaps 2. Because of these events I have booked on to play up my characters, and booked onto events after because characters just seem to become more interesting for me after extended events rather than just double lengths.

There have been loads already which seemed to have run really well, and still a good handful to go! I for one, am already excited about what next year will bring and hope we get the same level of variety of events. I'll even ref another (hmm... an actual 3 day faery carnival anyone? :-)

Of course, thanks to everyone involved, to the players/crew/ref teams - and of course not to mention the CMT for all their support in helping this all happen. I'm normally fussy and hard to please as I get older (I've hit over 40 extended events!) but I've enjoyed every single one this year.

Well done Fromum! Looking forward to another 8 events next year - thanks to everyone involved in all of them.


Just to echo Carlo's points above it's been great to have so many extended lengths to be involved with, the drought that we were going through now seems like a distant memory.

It's been great to have some direction on what to play with playing up and lead ups taking up all my slots this year and I've certainly played a lot more than I would have if these hadn't been in place.

Obviously all down to Fromum and a strong application of Excel.

I've already started the points apps for next years ideas, so long may it continue.

Indeed from conception to execution not a week has passed where I haven't had a message from Fromant about extended lengths this year which is testament to the work he is putting in. Like Carlo my excitement for events is back high and I don't get down as much as I'd like so it's been great the weekends I can do have been extended lengths.

Two events still to go as well which is brilliant and I'm full of keen for both!
This is lovely to read and all I can do is apologise that Duncan and I have done it so wrong for so many years.
Most definitely not the case but I think the strain of running the caves on the day to day can conflict with extended lengths and having an extra man to prop up your already sterling team has really helped... I think trying to run dungeons every weekend and organise extended lengths is propbably more than any one in full time work can manage.

I think the caves is in a great place under current leadership and the extra organisational support has revitalised a well loved part of the game. I'm frankly amazed that Duncan, Richard, Lee and yourself all manage full time jobs and managing the various aspects of the system you do.
QUOTE(KatSables @ Jul 31 2017, 08:16 PM) *
This is lovely to read and all I can do is apologise that Duncan and I have done it so wrong for so many years.

Nah Fromum is the hundreds and thousands on top of great cake smile.gif

Or maybe those little orange and lemon jelly slices things...
I think the whole team has really led to a great year for extended lengths. Between the two days and the Amlas three day I've had a blast.
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