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A bit later than usual as I have been away camping with muggles in the rain, but now I have dried out its on to this weeks update.
As a reminder, Duncan is away monstering myths this week so emails and things for may not be dealt with this week.

Currently looking like this is going to be cancelled, only has a couple of players and no ref. If people want it to run they need to get booking on.


Knights of the Land Max 5250 guild special, being reffed by Lee as part of his new campaign that has managed to engage Cotter in plot, currently has an a-ref and 2 monsters for the 6 players so is looking all good.

Rodanne Themed Max 4k, based in and around the empire’s newest city and being reffed by Brett and Alan. It currently has 8 players and 1 monster, so could do with another 1 or 2 really.

Young Players is back on this week, being reffed by Paul B and Laura. Currently needs more players to book on.


Max 500, being reffed by Andy W, is full on players and monsters!

Currently that’s it, so if anyone keen to ref or play another dungeon this day let us know and will see what we can arrange.

Further ahead
August sees us having myths running this week then a bit of a break from extended lengths but there is plenty of other special events running this week including:
19th/20th August – Overland only day, with 2 different events running at Buckmore park as we have other people using the caves site that weekend. For those who haven’t done an overland dungeon before, they are a lot of fun and very different Laby experience to being in the caves. Check the diary for whats running.
Saturday 26th August – Sellaville Day, being master reffed by Chris G as part of his ongoing campaign for the city, with old magiarch from the past returning. Is in need of section refs, a-refs and monsters so if you are fancying helping out get in touch with him, it’s a chance to earn extra monstering rewards and make items from the theme day table as well.
Monday 28th August – Rite of Life Druid Themed themeday. Being held at Buckmore Park and being master reffed by Rete L tieing in to his Final Dawn plot. Again, refs, a-refs and monsters needed.

Rumours and Gossip
There will be a bit of a delay on the Almanac until Saint Tim can print it, will let you know when its available.

As a note to Tuesday club.

Despite me believing it won't run I have a friend who is going down to retry labyrinthe that day.
Thing is he can't book on so there's an extra player.

~Joshua Westcott
I am going to give it till lunchtime to see if anyone steps in to ref or books on to play or monster. If they don't it will be cancelled.

Josh, the next one is in 2 weeks and already has a ref booked, hopefully your friend can make it then? If you get them to email Duncan next week with the details he can hopefully sort out why they can't book on as well
To confirm, tonight's dungeon is cancelled
In somewhat of a pleasant surprise, a rare event as occurred, all adult dungeons are currently full on monsters this weekend!

There are still a couple of spaces to play on the Knight's dungeon and 4 on the 4k Rodanne dungeon if people are wanting to play this weekend. We can probably squeeze on an extra monster Sunday as well if you are keen to come down.

Young players does however need some more players and monsters to book on.
If anyone needs anything urgent booking wise for this weekend please email me using the lee@ address below.

I'm printing the sheets tomorrow evening

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