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Have dried out from a rather wet 4-day in Wales, we now through 6 of the 9 extended lengths this year and all been going well so far thanks to the efforts and hard work of a lot of club members. There is still chances to get involved in the remaining 3, see the extended length sub-forum for details.
This week is looking rather quiet so far, with only 1 dungeon currently definitely happening. If you are keen to make something run then let us know and we can get it booked in.

Currently nothing booked, so caves will be closed.

Unbalanced Its About Time Campaign dungeon – Part of the ongoing campaign by Sean Cook, the majority of the party is between 3-4k, and is open to new people in that sort of range but are a few who are higher or lower that have played previous campaign dungeons. Currently 10 players booked, plus an a-ref and 1 monster, so is good to go but spaces on both sides.

Church of Dead Heroes Overland – Currently no crew and only 1 player so looking unlikely to run unless someone gets organising.

Further Ahead
Next week we have Tuesday Club again, it is currently in need of a ref, along with more players and crew. Get booking on to make it run!

Myths starts on Monday 31st July, is space for monsters if people are interested, could ideally do with a couple more experienced ones. Duncan is also involved in this, so he will be away from emails for much of that week.

Rumours and Gossip
All the extended lengths have a prop budget for refs to get new things for their events, these then find their way in to the armoury, so look out for a few new props in there over the coming weeks.
Did the booking for a max 500 on Saturday 29th not happen or just missed whilst the 4 day was going on?
The email is probably still in Duncan's inbox, he was mothering the 4-day so hasn't had a chance to process any of them. I will update accordingly as and when it is added to event diary
A max 1k has been put in the boards for Saturday if people want to book on.

We will need to find a ref asap if anyone can do it, we will have to make a decision tomorrow on if it has enough crew and players to run.
Chris Bennet has agreed to ref Saturday, and has an a-ref and 1 monster already booked, is up to 5 players but ideally needs some more as it is the only dungeon running at the caves this day

Also to confirm, Sundays dead heroes is cancelled, the About time dungeon could do with another monster or 2 to help Sean out.
QUOTE(RichFromant @ Jul 26 2017, 05:57 PM) *
Chris Bennet has agreed to ref Saturday, and has an a-ref and 1 monster already booked

Thank you Chris
Saturday is up to 10 players so will definitely be happening, it could now do with another monster or 2 to help Chris give the players a fun day.
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