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Full Version: 2 day thanks
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Big thanks to Rich, Istead, and out scary monster team for a fun weekend.

Will say more when less tired!

Yep, thanks to all involved for the Horror and Mayhem.

Echoing the above, following a rocky start the party got used to working together without the traditional quad/total options, and some very interesting characters.

Very engaging and well thought out plot with many links and twists. The amount of thought and effort that had gone in to it was very evident and greatly appreciated.

Big thanks to Rich and James for their efforts, the monster crew for bringing it to life, and the party for being fun to be around and interact with.

It is thanks from me,

The dungeon from an OOC perspective was really interesting, I liked the fact everything was relatively time critical - from an IC angle I never really knew what was happening at any given moment but that was entirely my own fault! smile.gif

Thanks to Refs and Crew for being keen, amusing and generally brilliant.

Amazing how a fairly balanced party on paper turned out to be lacking in places much more than anticipated but we got there in the end!

Thanks to all involved.

Sadly I didn't get the opportunity to get involved or understands the intricacies of the event in the ways I would have liked or enjoyed but that was purely non event related issues wink.gif

What I did see looked like a lot of planning and gone into working out the interdependencies and their time critical nature.

Party wise we seemed more than a little disparate and with some major flaws in the abilities we possessed as a whole. I think the event would have yielded a very different experience with a more traditional and cohesive party.
Big thanks from me too - cheers to Rich and James for all their
Hard work and to the tireless crew. I think Matt's rite to bring back
Alan's evil wizard as a bright lady troll was probably my favourite bit, both res and gentle subversion. Cheers all
was amusing, and desperate in equal measure

Thanks from me too. Brutal Saturday but by Sunday we seemed to work out what we needed to do.

Matt ressing me was funny smile.gif

Other highlights for me were -

Frost Giant Cotter and his big hammer!
Team Ritualists hunting the rites on Sunday morning.
'Shades' having more power than me most of weekend and threating to kill me if I left him alone again!

That wig was well hot and sweaty though!

And it's thanks from me.

Very sweaty but enjoyable event.

Thanks from me as well.
Clearly a lot of effort went into it, monster elite terrifying.

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