Others have posted already, but things are getting a bit desperate for our myths so just thought Id try.

Whilst we have a good number of monsters for myths, we need just 1 or 2 more that are experienced enough with the system to help crew a no max. IF this doesn't happen its looking more and more likely that Duncan will book off to crew. Aside from that being lethal for us, it's also really not fair, as I think he has been one of the longest running players of this particular myths campaign. But from a cost point of view, he doesn't want anyone else to book off and crew. And as it's so close, the decision needs to be made asap.

As such we are running out of time for some kind soul to step in and save the day. Its July 31st for a week in Exmoor. Transport can be sorted nps, and lots of rewards available for doing it.

Really nice bunch of players, many of whom are like me and a bit old so be good sport running us ragged around Exmoor.

And this weekend there are two adventures that are meant to be the final leadup for the myths. Lots of keen players on but no crew currently. So please if anyone free, come help. And maybe if free to monster myths be a good way of getting a taster of what it's going to be like! smile.gif

I know Sam has something special planned for the Sunday, but really needs a horde of monsters in the afternoon for it to work the way he wants to. So even if just free for that would be hugely appreciated, but need to let him know your coming along.

And Saturday is an overland, happy to sort transport and lunch for any volunteers.