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A busy week at the caves this week with 4 days of dungeons booked in, the usual need for monsters for most days as well so if you can come help out please do.

Tuesday Club – Max 1500 being reffed by Giles. Only went up for bookings over the weekend, so currently only 3 players booked, hopefully lots of people will book on to play and monster today! Needs people booked by tomorrow morning to ensure it does run.

Unbalanced Thursday triple length reffed by Sam M, currently has an a-ref and 3 monsters so looking real good on that front. Only 6 players booked, which is enough to make it run currently but could do with some more!

Sellavile/Yeoman themed max 16k, being reffed by Chris G as part of his ongoing Sellavile campaign, dealing with the dodgy magiarch. Has an a-ref and 1 monster already but an extra 1 would be good to challenge the 8 players

Max 3k, The first of 2 dungeons being reffed by Gordon this weekend as part of the Mistbound campaign designed to help Port Meire. It is linked to the 3k Sunday but can play just 1 of them. This does desperately need an a-ref and at least 1 monster

Max 1k, currently 3 players booked and no ref or monsters. If anyone free to step in to ref it will help get this dungeon going!

Almacsa Myths Final lead up Overland – This weekend has the final 2 lead ups for this years myths, today’s one is at Buckmore Park Scout Camp. It currently has 9 players booked but needs some crew to give them a good send off!

Max 3k – The 2nd dungeon this weekend being reffed by Gordon as part of the Mistbound campaign. He has an a-ref today but needs some monsters

Max 1k – Paul Bayliss is reffing this open dungeon but currently only has 1 player booked. Needs some more players and monsters to make sure it runs

Almacsa Myths Final lead up – At the caves today for the final instalment by Craig and Sam, it needs some monsters to help them out

Knights Errant Max 10k Guild Special Overland – Back down at Buckmore Park again, is currently in need of a ref and some monsters to make sure the dungeon runs for the 6 players booked!

Further Ahead
This month we have 3 overlands going on, the 1500 2-day, the 3K 4-day and the Almacsa no max myths. These obviously have a knock on effect to numbers at the caves so make sure you book early if you keen for dungeons to run those weekends.
The 4-day and the myths both need monsters, ideally experienced one but if you are free this month and keen to monster check the extended length forums for details or get in touch.

Rumours and Gossip
The Almanac is being worked on currently and should hopefully be out this month

We are always on the lookout for new referees and know there are a fair few people that have the experience now to start reffing. Ideally you would have already been a-reffing for a while with a mixed number of referees, you then ideally need to submit a dungeon for feedback from an experienced ref who will give you their views and advice on any changes that need to be made.
They would then hopefully a-ref for you on your first time reffing, being on hand to help out on the day as required. If you are interested in reffing then get in touch.
A couple of updates:

Tonight's dungeon is cancelled due to lack of players, the next Tuesday club is in 2 weeks

Knight's Errant overland Guild Special has been cancelled due to lack of ref and monsters, made the decision early so people can book on to play or crew other dungeons if they wish

Desk and Armouring spots are now open for this weekend as well for the relevant people
Another update, the weekend is looking real short of crew, if anyone can help out either day, even if for a short while it would really help us in making things run.

Looking all good, 9 players + 2 monsters and an a-ref. Anyone else welcome to join on either side though!

Sellavile/Yeoman themed max 16k, 7 players,ref, an a-ref and a monster so looking the event best for crew currently. Party could do with another warrior though if anyone did fancy playing!

Max 3k Mistbound dungeon - 9 players but currently only crew is Gordon reffing. Really needs an a-ref and 1 monster to avoid players booking off

Max 1k, up to 7 players now, some of which are newish and coming quite a way to play. Really need someone to ref this, plus monsters to give them a good time!

Almacsa Myths Final lead up Overland – In need of monsters still, lifts and lunch can be arranged by the players

Max 3k – 9 players Gordon reffing with an a-ref and 1 monster so currently ok, obviously more monsters are good

Max 1k – This now empty of everything so will be cancelled

Low Level Dungeon - Should be going up shortly, plenty of new players wanting to get involved and Dave R reffing, an a-ref and some monsters to help in out would be great

Almacsa Myths Final lead up – 13 players, 3 monsters plus the 2 refs, so is looking good.

Still in need of desk staff and armoury staff both days as well!
Saturday is starting to look rather desperate. We really need a ref and some monsters for the 1k and an a-ref and monsters for the 3k. Can players please ask around there friends directly if they are able to come and help out. Or if you are reading this and are thinking about crewing, please do book on!

Sunday just needs 1 monster for the pre 8th... just one person and every dungeon will have the minimum to run, please book on!
I have booked to monster the pre-eighth on the 9th, I would really like someone to ref the 1k on the Saturday if possible

*raises hand to reffing*

I'll be back for the end of the month.

I can resubmit the dungeon if need be.


Last final plea for monsters tomorrow. Leo has kindly agreed to ref the Max 1k, but he is need of an a-ref, Gordon now has an a-ref but needs a monster. If anyone is able to come and help out even for part of the day please do!
QUOTE(RichFromant @ Jul 7 2017, 02:28 PM) *
Last final plea for monsters tomorrow. Leo has kindly agreed to ref the Max 1k, but he is need of an a-ref, Gordon now has an a-ref but needs a monster. If anyone is able to come and help out even for part of the day please do!

You can stick me down to a-ref for Leo, I didn't really fancy my chances at 8th & 75 on a Max grand anyway! ;-)

Thank you
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