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Full Version: Really need monsters
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A plea for help.

We really need 2 monsters for the no max myths, we have several monsters but we need two more to join Benson and crew to give us a challenge. If we don't find any mosters in the next week people (by the 7th July) Duncan will book off to monster, which everyone really wants to avoid at all costs, although players have offered to do the same it becomes a cost factor to the CMT if players book off.

So if anyone is free it would be great if you could make it, i am sure we can arrange transport to the event and also ply you with you favourite drinks and bad food, plus you get lots on credits etc.

So if anyone is free please help, there is also the final leadup if you fancy to monster and get a feel for the plot.

Myths Final Lead up
8th-9th July Sat is an O/L and Sunday is at the caves.

31st July – 7th Ayg

To add to Miles' request..... it would be great to have some monsters as that's what makes an event.

It would be really appreciated.

I have mentioned to Sarah previously that my current contract ends on the 31st July.

Currently I have family commitments from the 1st Aug to the morning of the 3rd August.

I can't commit unreservedly to being able to come down from the 3rd to the 7th as I have to have the flexibility of being available to commence a new contract or role elsewhere which is currently in flux.

If on securing a position it means I have a break between my current and next role then I would look to help out by coming down to assist and in the scheme of things I'm likely closer than probably anyone else will be.
I'm free from the 2nd onwards to monster, but would require transport.


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