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There is a 3k booked this Saturday and i'm hoping to get it to run so I can play it. Is there anyone who would like to step upand book to ref? I'm sure if we get a ref people will book on to play pritty quick.


If we can get some crew sorted - am thinking of merging the scout G/S and basically running a max 3k with a 'scout section/separate brief' in a guild theme style... (that said generic scout theme is quite broad wink.gif )

Will give it a day or two to see what happens - but if no one decides to ref the 3k AND we have some monsters will go for a merged adventure. (which tbh is slightly easier to write ! )

That works for me.

Given Ed and Stacy, it would seem, wound up monstering both days last weekend (for which I am grateful as a referee) rather than playing to grab points for their extended length it would be cool if they got to play (especially as their string of booked dungeons seem to have fallen through regularly)!

Has a decision been made regards the 3k combining with the scout special?

Nothing official but im going under the assumption of yes... monster situation dependant
Full Stop, Ed gets to play and is not allowed to "draw a straw" for crew if it comes to that. Combining the dungeons means 11 players and Dave, with the potential of nabbing either Laura or John from the desk/amoury, however because Laura has Branden that day, it can only be one of them so, at least one or two of the merged 11 (10 minus Ed) will have to crew. I've not played much due to reffing requirements recently, but if I have to and no one else ponies up i'll happily switch
I told Greenaway not to book this during the 3day or I would of helped in some capacity!

I blame Greenaway!!
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