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Afternoon all! i was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips/suggestions for things to points app as a standard elysian vivomancer, having had a chat with a fair few people last Saturday as to joining a church via points app, and various suggested directions to head as a vivo.
As there's 13 more lines left on the app, i was hoping people might have some advice on what else to aim for?
Also as we are a pair of vivos, if there was anything that could be done to boost us when together/downsides when were apart type of thing too?

Am generally inexperienced with points-apps and the power balance of labby, so any and all advice is greatly appreciated biggrin.gif
Might be worth checking with the GSM as its possible that Vivomancers can already probably join churches by buying the ability that lets Hermit Priests join a church as they are a type of Hermit...

A not uncommon one is to reduce the cost of 2nd Power Base when casting Mantics

"The second power base cost is reduced by 1/3 of the original cost to a minimum of one. E.g. May cast a Mantic Total Heal for 6 Spirits and 4 Mana or a Talk to Sprite for 6 Mana and 4 Spirits"

Then upgrade that to

"The second power base cost is reduced by 1/2 of the original cost to a minimum of one. E.g. May cast a Mantic Total Heal for 6 Spirits and 3 Mana or a Talk to Sprite for 6 Mana and 3 Spirits"

As I've said it I'm happy for a cheaper "1st ability post 8th" for Vivomancers to join a church, but they could buy the published one.

Have you looked at what major sphere you want for your spirits? Total heal can do you for healing so you could look at getting something fun from your major sphere. Maybe look at benediction for buffing your mates or warding to help protect people.

I would strongly recommend a mostly standard spend, choose whether you want to be better at magic or spirits and focus on that for a time.

I had 2 simple 1 liners, one reducing cost of secondary power base to 1/2 (100 points) and the other making ALL of my power mantic i.e. not having to spend from secondary pool (1,000 pts).

I've also had success in losing a multiclass slot and gaining 1st class buy as for wizard and/or priest. However, only really worthwhile if you need 1st class abilities which you won't straight away.

I would recommend a regenning power class early on.
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