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I am back from another fun 2-day in the sun, was real fun event and a great format at a brilliant local site, we still have 2 more of them this year with spaces for people to still get involved.
Also, please remember that Kat and Duncan are away this week so won’t be answering any emails. If the matter is urgent and relating to this weeks events please email Lee on

This week we have on:

Max 250 – Another lower level dungeon with some of our newer players on, it really needs a ref to make sure this runs. It does already have an a-ref, but will need monsters as well. Please book on before I start having to pester people!
Max 2k – Has 4 players booked but no ref, a-ref or monsters, so needs more of everything to book on to make sure this runs.
Closed Deci No Max dungeon, being reffed by Lee as part of the ongoing Deci plot that over last couple of years has had lots of twists and turns. He has Fi as his a-ref but could do with some monsters for the 9 players to sneak around.
Young Players, being reffed by Laura and Richard E, currently has 4 people booked to play all day, so we need a few more, including some who are willing to monster. Get booking on.

Port Meire Max 3k, the next instalment of Rebecca’s Mistbound campaign to help save Port Meire this year. Currently has 10 players and an a-ref booked, so ideally needs a couple of monsters.
Phil L’s birthday max 250, Being reffed by Graham to help Phil celebrate his birthday. It has an a-ref but needs some monsters. Or if you fancied playing get in touch with Phil L.
Pre 8th Dungeon – Currently no one booked in any role, so looking unlikely to run.

We also need someone to be on the desk.

Further ahead
Next week we have a Tuesday Club dungeon, booked as a max 1500, it currently has 3 players, an a-ref and a monster. We ideally need a ref, which then tends to encourage people to book on, although we will always make sure these run if we have enough players, so get booking on!

There is also a Thursday dungeon next week, currently has 8 players booked but needs an a-ref and some monsters to make sure it runs.

Rumours and Gossip
Work on the next Almanac is currently taking place, if you would like to submit anything to it please email Lee.

The eagle eyed amongst you would have spotted some equipment behind a fence in the caves carpark, this is due to some filming taking place in the tour side of the caves in a couple of weeks time. All I know so far is that its for a channel for sci-fi programme.
Jason, the caves manager, is intending to save the money from that and the other times they rent the caves/carpark out to eventually pay for tarmac-ing over the top carpark.
Speed info for you:

Points apps won't be back this weekend (I Know I'm unreasonable), and unlikely for the weekend after.
I'm not going to be printing any until at least Friday, so if you haven't had the normal "All printed" email don't panic (Yet).

Rebirths from before last weekend (I only have two) should be done and down this weekend.

Items, sorry they are waiting. I'll try and pick last weekend, and this saturdays sheets up on Saturday and catch up but no promises.
Credits, The sheets are in a cave so they are not being updated. See above.

As Rich said if it's urgent email me, not bookings.

Myself and Fromum will try and do an update on cancellations tomorrow (for obvious ones) and Thursday for anything that has a chance of running but fails.

A quick update of where we are at:

Max 250 – BBB now reffing, although there is a thread on the board to up it a 500, comment either way on that if you booked to play. This still needs at least 1 monster.
Max 2k – Has 4 players booked but no ref, a-ref or monsters, we are giving this until tomorrow lunchtime for those booked on to find a ref and a-ref, otherwise will have to be cancelled.
Closed Deci No Max dungeon, Lee has an a-ref and 1 monster, so looking ok, but more monsters would be good!

If we do end up having to cancel the 2k, hopefully the players could help crew the 250 has it has a number of newer players on it?

Port Meire Max 3k, has 11 players, does need at least 1, if not 2 monsters so that this can run. Please book on to help out!
Phil L’s birthday max 250, 5 players so good to run, could do with a monster
Pre 8th Dungeon – This is now cancelled.
In unsurprising, but still disappointing news, the 2k on Saturday hasn't found a ref or monsters so has been cancelled. Sorry.

We could still do with monsters on Saturday, and Sunday definitely needs some monsters to save people booking off. Even if you can only do the morning or afternoon all help is good help.


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