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Hello and thanks for reading,

I have seen the 'Tuesday Club' mentioned a few times and wondered whether anybody could tell me a little more about it please ?

What are the player / monster benefits ?

What time does it start and finish as I assume it in the evening ?

Is it an elite club you have to join following some sort of special initiation or can anybody attend and muck in ?

Many thanks for your time as always.
It's a single length game that runs every other Tuesday.
Caves open around 5.30 with the dungeon running from 6.30 till about 9.30
It's a single length you can get a max of 55 pts as a player, as a monster you can earn 25 MP or you can put 20 directly onto a character of your choice. After the game there is pizza/fish & chips included in the price which is £27
There's nothing elite about it - any and all are welcome, it's a nice mid week distraction and usually gets a good turnout of crew and is quite popular with people who have weekend commitments.
The dungeons themselves are single length and thresholds have been capped at 1500.
Hope to see you there.


Many thanks, working shifts and having Tuesdays off makes this quite convenient for me - I'll try to make it down from here on and give you guys a leg up with an extra monster ;-)
If anything it's anti elite, we're mostly total riff raff wink.gif
QUOTE(Will @ Jun 11 2017, 10:08 PM) *
If anything it's anti elite, we're mostly total riff raff wink.gif

And there's more talking about pizza on-dungeon than there perhaps ought to be wink.gif
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