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Full Version: Dual call out for crew
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Hey community smile.gif

This is a plea for monsters again but on two fronts. The 1st is for the CoJ dungeon on the 4th June, Fi is kindly redingote for us lovers of Jade and could really do with an area and monsters to help her out.
2nd, I am sorely lack any crew what so ever for my final lead up for my 4 day, so if you are free and want to help out terrorising my already horrified party, please sign up on the 11th of June.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you guys soon
As my Snake Clan monk will not count towards guild numbers I am willing to book off and crew instead so it runs. I assume I will still be able to put monster points on him in the morning!?
Not sure on the mp situation, but are you not White Lotus? you would still count towards numbers if you are
QUOTE(Abel @ May 30 2017, 12:59 PM) *
Not sure on the mp situation, but are you not White Lotus? you would still count towards numbers if you are

Not white lotus due to guild restriction
Surely snake are in the process of leaving... once the guild book is out stating otherwise ???
4th May we left IC. Dunno about the mechanics of it. Maybe Lee could clarify? I've PM'ed Lee to see if he can post a clartification for us smile.gif
Lee did state to me that they count as having left as per leaving a guild rules, they gave a month and that month is up.
Just a little bump for this to remind the thread (post discussion) we are still looking for crew for both dungeons, please if you are free and feel that maybe you owe myself or any of the others on dungeon a favour for crewing, or even just want to help out, sign up and give the players a great day. Thanks
One last bump for Crew for Fi on the CoJ game on Sunday the 4th. If you are free please consider helping out sad.gif
Had the lovely Mr Raven jump in to Aref for me on the 11th. And while we would be an amazing duo, would love to make it a small party of team evil, cheers guys!
With the call outs for the CoJ and my 3rd lead up for the 4 day all going as well as they could have done, I now am on the beg for my 4 day.

We have some lovely people booked on to help me and Rich F run the 4 day at Pirth a pia, but we are only really at half mast and could really do with some people to bulk out the crew. the Site is lovely as many of you know. So consider this me on my knees begging, if you are free 20th July to 24th July, please consider booking on to crew for me.

Thank you
Adding my pleas for this, the event should be amazing, the crewing facilities and accommodation is pure luxury, the party are seemingly equal parts chilled and amusing you are certain to be well fed by Duncan who is mothering (the Amlas 3 day heralds amazing things from my experience) well watered by the party and ultimately very appreciated by all involved.

Please, please, please consider coming to crew, we will ensure you can get to and from site if you don't have transport and it should be a huge amount of fun.
Also adding my plea.

The plot so far has been fantastic so you're sure to have lots of fun with that. Plus I'm pretty certain there is plenty of opportunities to perm people too, if that's rather your thing!

I will also keep you well fed with goblin biscuits. Yum.
Also adding my plea!!

Basically echoing Gordon and Stacey, the plot is thick, the dungeons are really well thought out and put together.

and the party will keep you fed and watered with treats in equal parts
Adding more pleas and adding that the party is often (more often than not?) comedically bad! We can make the simplest of things into a total disaster, but be laughing the whole time smile.gif
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