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A day late on the weekly update due to the bank holiday, the big issue this week is Sunday, we have two pre 8th Dungeons both of which have lots of new and returning players on them. The closed one is in desperate need of a ref but both need monsters as well. If anyone is free and able to help out the club by giving these groups a great time please book on or get in touch!

Open Max 2k, being reffed by Rich E, he needs an a-ref and some monsters to help out for the 10 players already booked. Brief is up on the IC forums already for this as well

Open Max 250, no ref and only 1 player booked, so is looking a bit shaky at the moment. If you wanting this to run will need to book on and get ref hunting!

“The Hovel“ Guild start up. For all your witchly needs Paul D is organising a new guild open to all witches. Contact him for more details, being reffed by Tony R, who will need some crew to help him out.

Young Players, being reffed by Paul B, has 3 people booked so we definitely need some more to book. We also need a 2nd ref if anyone is able.

We also need a desk staffer, if anyone who can do it is free.

Open New Player pre 8th, being reffed by Will P, for a group of newer players. He currently has an a-ref but could do with some monsters to help him out and give the new guys a fun day

Closed Pre 8th, a group of 10 new and returning players have booked their own pre 8th, we really need a ref and some crew so we can be sure that this will run.

Council of Jade GS, Being reffed by Fi as part of the continued fun and games in Amlas, currently has 7 players booked but is in need of an a-ref and some monsters.

Max 1k Overland, this is going to be cancelled due to lack of interest.

Further Ahead
Next week there is another Tuesday Club, a max 750 being reffed by Paul D, currently there are only 2 people booked to play, so we could really do with some more players to ensure it runs

The weekend of the 10th/11th June is the Peons of Power event. There are a couple of player spaces available still if anyone fancies joining the fun. You start off as a new character, so no need for points apps or sorting spends, and you will get to experience the rare occurrence of having as many monsters as players! Cost is only £100, so email me or see the Extended Length forum for details.

Rumours and Gossip
The new building at the caves is coming along amazingly thanks to the hard work of a lot Duncan and a group of club members. This has been funded through the cave development fund, which you can still sign up to if you want to support the club, details are all here:

As Duncan spent most of last week in the caves building there may well be a bit of a backlog of emails to be cleared, so please bear with him if there is a slight delay replying to emails!
I know its only summer but we are getting organised... Fi is looking to pick the date for the cavie xmas drinks in and around the other events being booked for December. See her post here to confirm what date works best for you:

The Bickley is now re-open as well, so usual service should resume with drinks in there after the caves each weekend day. Any club members are welcome to come over and join us.
Monsters Monsters Monsters, that's what we need! If you are free any or all of this weekend please do come and help out and hopefully have an enjoyable day monstering. Both days are in need of them to ensure things can run.

Max 2k - 10 Players still but needs an a-ref and some monsters
Max 250 - Currently looking likely to be cancelled as only 2 players, hopefully they could come crew instead?
The Hovel Guild start up - Only 1 player booked so looking likely to be cancelled as well
Young Players - Only 5 people booked for each section, could definitely do with some more, as well as now needing 2 refs for this

Open new player pre 8th - 10 players, ref, a-ref and 2 monsters so looking all good to go
Closed new player pre 8th - Chris G is now reffing, and it has an a-ref, could do with a couple of monsters however
Council of Jade Max 2k - Is in desperate need of an a-ref and at least 1 monster to help Fi out.
Max 1k Overland - This has been cancelled
We also need a desker and armourer today now as well

Duncan will be making the final decision on Saturdays dungeons tonight, so people need to book on to make them run.
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