Overlands seemed to have fallen strangely into the void of caves events, which is a shame as fighting in daylight and with space is generally so much more enjoyable and the extended lengths run this year have been a joy to be outside on.

There have been plenty booked but far too many failed to run due to a lack of interested people.

The next Overland on the sheets in Sunday 4th June, a day which will see us in the area which was previously unplanned.

Currently it has 1 player booked and no crew, while it is booked as a "Syltanthian Themed" I am wondered who out there is interested in actually taking part in a chance to play outside.

Would it becoming a simple open dungeon spark more interest?
What about a low level guild special or guild themed like; Natural Power, Shadow Legion, Elbereth, Knights Errant?
If it slid up to a max 1500 would that bring anyone else in?

Claudia is very keen to play after having her points wh0reing plans firmly derailed over the past two months. I would also very much like to play too which takes us to three players straight away.

Claudia would be playing her B Class 1/2 Elf Warrior
I would choose from Goodly Crusading Priest, Nightsoil Paladin, Elf Warrior or flavours of Elf Wizard.