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Busy is the main theme for this week! We have 4 days of dungeons plus a work week taking place at the caves all week. Duncan is in the caves already, and will be there all week building the 2-story building by area C. He could do with a people giving him a hand, mainly lifting and carrying the blocks down, so any help would be good, and would be rewarded. All the details and times are here:

On to events this week:

Tuesday Club
A max 750 Tuesday night dungeon being reffed by Pete L, currently only has 5 players booked, along with an a-ref and couple of monsters. Could do with a few more players ideally if anyone fancies joining us for fun and pizza.

An unbalanced Thursday dungeon being reffed by Sam M, linked to the Almacsa plot he running for myths but open to anyone. Currently only has 4 players and no crew, i think there are a few people still to book on both sides though. Does need them to do so to run.

Liberation 3-day lead up, this is up to 8 players now, but has been opened up to others not playing the 3-day and fancy a bit of 1500 fun. Team BAM reffing, it could do with a monster to help them out.
Max 3k Port Meire dungeon, the next part of the ongoing Mistbound campaign reffed by Rebecca, has 11 players book but is in need of some monsters to help out.
Unbalanced Spider Tribe guild special, only 3 players booked and no ref, so not looking that promising at the moment, needs to fill up and ref found for this to run.
Open pre 8th Dungeon, currently no one booked, but if any who made it down for the open day fancy joining us again then they should book on.

4-Day lead up dungeon, being reffed by Julian D, had 13 players booked as well as an a-ref and 3 monsters, so is looking all good to go!
Max 500 being reffed by Graham P, only 1 player currently booked and no crew, people should book on to make this run.

Further Ahead
Plenty of spaces still available on extended lengths, both as players and monsters, see here for all the details:
The diary over the next few months is filling up nicely with guild specials, people should have a look through when they get the chance to support their favourite guilds

Rumours and Gossip
The Bickley will be re-opening this weekend as a new pub and steakhouse, I expect people will be heading there after the caves both evenings to see what it is like in its new rebirth.
Tomorrow's dungeon is up to 5 players and an a-ref, ideally needs 1 more player and 1 monster to run. As Duncan is at the caves tomorrow for the work week anyway the dungeon will probably be ok to run with fewer players then normally needed, it does however need a monster to run.

Saturday, the Port Meire 3k and 1500 lead-up are looking all good to, although more crew always good. Is looking likely that the spider tribe guild special and the pre 8th will be cancelled due to lack of everything.

Sunday's 3k lead up is looking busy with 14 players and 3 monsters, the 500 only has 2 players, which is a shame as it has a ref booked, if anyone else interested in playing this book on soon before Duncan makes his final decisions tomorrow.

As a reminder, the work week is taking place this week. I have been down there the last couple of evenings and the new 2-story building is already beginning to take shape. Thanks to the very hard work of a small band of cavies all the bricks, sand and ridiculously heavy concrete beams are now all sitting down next to it ready and waiting to be built. There is however plenty more that can be done, and Thursday afternoon/evening is likely to see having to lift the beams up and in to place. If anyone else can pop down to lend a hand during the rest of the week please do!
By way of an update.

Thursdays a-ref has had to book off,
Leaving just sam as crew, my guess is if it doesn't have 2 crew by lunch time it will be cancelled.

Currently I am at 28 hours and counting on being in a cave and building, there is likely to be a delayed response on e-mails from back end of this week and this week. If it's urgent and you want to talk about it, come and carry blocks wink.gif

Just to confirm tomorrows Midweek is now cancelled ,Duncan still could do with help on the build so anyone booked on and able to help can sign MP on if helping tomorrow.

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