With 2 extended lengths done, and 2 more due to happen each month over the next 2 months I though it was a good time to provide an update with what player and monster spaces we have available for each of the events. More details on the can be found on the extended length sub forum, or by dropping me an email on the address below.

Peons of Power 2-day - New Characters 10th-11th June - Full on players and monsters
Liberation 3-Day - Max 1500 - 24th-26th June - 3 player spaces available, full on Monsters
Trouble and Strife 2-day - Max 1500 - 15th-16th July - Full on players and Monsters
Rey'lathian's Return 4-day - Max 3k - 20th-23rd July - Full on players, 4 monsters needed
Closed Almacsar Myths - No Max - 31st July - 7th August - full on players and monsters
Chiarascuro 2-day - Max 10k - 2nd-3rd September - 3 Player spaces available, full on monsters
Fables and Myths 3-day - Max 5250 - 15th-17th September - 3 Player spaces available, 7 monsters needed

If you are booked on to an event already, please check your deposit and final payment due dates and pay up accordingly. If you need to cancel your booking for any reason please get in touch ASAP.