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A day late on the weekly update due to the bank holiday yesterday. This weekend looking fairly quiet currently, with space each day if people want to get organised and sort out another dungeon.

Lady of the Stars Guild Special, High level unbalanced event reffed by Lee, currently 8 players, an a-ref and 1 monster, so looking good to go, although more crew will always help!

Lady of the Stars Guild Special, max 5250, this half of the dungeon will very likely be cancelled due to having none of everything!

Young Player dungeon, being reffed by Laura and Rich E, currently only has 2 players and no crew so young players need to get booking on!

There is space today if people want to organise something, Dave S was trying to sort out an open 4k, speak to him if interested. If anyone keen to ref anything get in touch.

Open Max 1k, being reffed by Pete L, currently has 8 players, an a-ref and a monster so space still on both side if people want to join in.

Almacsar Myths Lead up, the next instalment in preparation for myths this summer, being reffed by Sam. Currently only 4 players booked and no crew, so looking a bit shakey.

Further Ahead
Kit fair and BBQ is next Saturday, events are up so get booking on to be involved in what likely to be a fun day at the caves.

We have some guild specials booked this month, all of which could do with a few more players to support the guilds:
Sunday 14th May – St Michael – Max 10k
Saturday 20th – Mortai – Max 3k at Buckmore Park
Sunday 21st – Claws of the Circle – Max 4k Buckmore Park
Saturday 27th – Spider Tribe – Unbalanced

Rumours and Gossip
This weekend there will be lots of cleaning and prep going on ready for the kit fair, please can you make sure that on Sunday night all personal stuff is taken home from the caves, I will be clearing out the cubby holes and around the desk area at the end of the day Sunday.
So we down to 1 adult dungeon each day this weekend, both of which could do with some monsters to help them out.

Lady of the Stars High Level guild Special, 10 players, and a-ref and 1 monster, could do with another monster or 2
Young Players, 5 players and 2 monsters, so will run but could definetly do with more people booking on

Open Max 1k, being reffed by Pete L, has an a-ref but currently no monsters, really needs at least 1 if someone able to help out.

In other news, the Bickley Pub is closing on Saturday night for refurbishment until the 26th May. Saturday night there will be a closing party with a DJ, so might be busier then usual. Is opening back up as a pub and steakhouse, so hopefully still will be fine for us to go to after then. Next Saturday we have the kit fair, but I imagine the weekend after people will probably go to the Ramblers Rest at the top of the hill for drinks.
That pub seems to have more refurbs than I do hot meals... though steak sounds good smile.gif

QUOTE(dnsmantra @ May 4 2017, 10:44 AM) *
That pub seems to have more refurbs than I do hot meals... though steak sounds good smile.gif


The Bickley is actually one of Rob S's characters smile.gif It is currently on its 10th reincarnation having discovered that whilst v hard, dwarf budoka asbut with shaman spirits wasn't popular with the Monday-Friday wine bar crowd.

/like no /love
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