It is in the current Almanac but it should read:

The Passing of Liara Remembrance-of-Glory
Following the death of Liara Remembrance of Glory, a ripple of power was felt by those of the 68th Imperial Legion - this being a rite removing the taint of undeath placed by Persiphone Sharelle vo Lecht and other necromancers on members of the 68th Legion (which includes the Penal Legion).
Effects -
Part 1 (Enhanced from previously published version): Undead members of any Imperial Legion may choose, instead of being undead, to become either living, or Nightsoil.
For player characters this is their OOC choice (some might not choose to IC, others might choose IC but for OOC reason’s decide it doesn’t work – its up to the player concerned). How many NPC’s chose to do so is obviously down to the ref whose plot they are (or GSM in the case of non ref-controlled legions). In any event this isn’t forced on anyone.
Part 2 : Those affected by this rite may also (separately) choose to have their alignment shift one step towards goodly, as a result of being given another chance at life.