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A slightly later than usual weekly update due to a 8am work meeting this morning, was an effort after a busy weekend playing the brilliant Rasha 2-day!
We have a full week of events this week coming up:

A Max 600 Tuesday club dungeon being reffed by Giles, currently has 8 players and is full on crew. If you fancied joining us in the evening for a fun dungeon and then some pizza get booking on.

Unbalanced DORAC guild special is being run as this months Thursday triple length. Is being reffed by Sam Mottram and will tie in to the Almacsar myths he reffing later in the year. Currently only has 5 players and no crew so needs more of both to make sure it runs.

An open Max 3k Mistbound dungeon. Part of Rebecca’s campaign the party will be heading back to Port Meire to help with the ongoing issues there while it is trapped in the Mittlenacht. There is a campaign forum with all the info on, but is open to anyone wanting to join it. Currently has 10 players, and 3 monsters, although still needs an a-ref.

Deci No Max dungeon, being organised by Grant to deal with some of the chaos and politics that is Deci, if you are interested in joining the fun drop him a message. Lee is reffing, with Fi as his a-ref, but could do with a monster or 2 to help out.

Frontline Max 5250 Guild Special, open to all warrior types in the guild, and aiming to get their top tier back! Being reffed by Rob B, he has 1 monster but will need an a-ref and 1 more monster on what I have a feeling may be a combat heavy dungeon.

Open Max 3k Mortai guild special, 2 people still booked on but the ref has booked off to organise the Frontline guild special, so looking unlikely to run at the moment unless someone steps in to ref it!

Open max 1500 Buck More Park overland, with 1 player and 1 monster booked this is looking shaky, if people are keen for it to run then need to get organising

Max 3k 4-day Lead-up dungeon, being reffed by Julian in preparation for the July event. See the event forum for further details. It currently has 12 players and 2 monsters but could do with an a-ref and 1 more monster

An Open Max 250, currently has 11 players but only Graham on the crew side reffing it, definetly need an a-ref and at least 1 monster to ensure this can run without people needing to book off.

Further Ahead
The next big event on the horizon is the Super Saturday Kit Fair and BBQ on Saturday 13th May, look out for further information coming this week for it.

If seeing people singing the praises of the 2 extended lengths so far this year has got you inspired to play then the next one is the Peons of Power 2-day event on the 10th/11th June, still a couple of player spaces if you want to get involved. Carlo, Tiffer and Ed reffing a slightly different event where you start off as normal people of a village, but have the chance to gain powers and mighty artifacts as the event unfolds. See the extended length forum for further details.

Rumours and Gossip

The new Almanac will be out on Tuesday, not only does it have all the guild details in it, it has information on the big Final Dawn item anyone can use, plus the New Years Honours list. Still only £5 or 5 credits.
There is one slight update to the Almanac, under system effects, Liara’s dying effect should now apply to all willing members of any Imperial Legion, not just the 68th, Lee will do a system post for full update when sorted.

A quick update on where we are at:

People will be getting to the caves shortly for this, it has an a-ref and 3 monsters and only 7 players so plenty of space if you want to go join the fun today!

Max 3k Mistbound Port Meire Campaign, Rebecca has an a-ref and 3 monsters for the 10 players booked so all good to go. Is an open event if people do want to still book on to play
Deci No max, needs a monster to help them out
Frontline 5250 Guild Speical - Only 6 players and just 1 monster, really needs at least an a-ref to help them out
The Buckmore Park Overland will be cancelled.

3K 4-day Lead Up, has 11 players booked and 2 monsters, but could do with an a-ref
Open Max 250, full on players, has an a-ref and 1 monster but could do with another monster.

I am going to be away from this evening until Monday night, will be on my emails bit and pieces but not in front of a computer again probably until Tuesday morning.
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