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Full Version: OL on 29 April
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There's an overland booked at Buckmore Park for the 29 April and currently it has 3 players and no crew.

Get booking people!! It's a brilliant site and it'd be a shame to lose it. If transport is an issue then let me know and I'll see how I can help.

The last overlands folded, let's get this one running!
Still 3 players and 1 Crew member booked on.

any ideas if this is going ahead?
I have the feeling that if we can find a referee able and willing to write and run an event it would pick up the required players, the issue is finding a referee.

I know Stacey wants to play but currently is booked on to another dungeon so she doesn't miss out on playing if this was not to go ahead.

"build it and they will come".

So anyone out there willing to ref at what I understand is a cool site?
Yep, would definitely like this to go ahead but am currently booked on to something else as I keep booking on to dungeons that fold....

Buckmore park is a really nice site and I believe that they open their toilets for us which is always a plus.

There's a couple of nice fields and some nice wooded area. Good variety of terrain. Smokers just need to ensure that their cigarettes are not dropped on the floor.
I'd love for this to go ahead, last O/L I booked on folded. Am currently booked onto this one.

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