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Monsters. That is basically the theme of this week’s post, there are dungeons running every day over the weekend, all of which need monsters. If you are free please do book on to monster something!

The return of Tuesday club, this has now been changed to an open max 1500 in the hope that it will fill up with some more players. It currently only has 4 booked, so needs more booking on by this evening to ensure that it runs.

Almacsar Myths Lead-Up, the first of 4 this weekend. Is being reffed by Sam and Craig and is in need of monsters to help start the events off with a bang.
As the caves are open this day anyway there is space for another dungeon, I know Gordon has been trying to organise something but nothing solid appeared so far. If anyone keen to ref something this day we happy to get it up on the boards for booking.

Liberation Max 1500 3-day lead up. Only a couple of months to this event now and the 2nd of the 3 led ups. Has 9 players booked on, and team BAM reffing between them but am sure they would appreciate a monster or 2 as well
House D’Treal No Max - Being reffed by Greenaway for happy house D, it currently has 7 players but no crew. The 2 refs of the Amles 3-day are both playing this event and am sure they would welcome any of the players returning the favour and monstering this
Shadow Legion Themed 3k and House D’Treal low party – These only have 3 players and no crew between them and have been talk of merging them together. We are basically happy with any ideas to make them run, or volunteers from refs to run something this day.
Almacsar Myths Lead Up – Day 2, this one at Buckmore Park, so a chance to get out in the sun. Has 2 players and 2 monsters booked, so could probably do with another 1 or 2

Open Max 250 at the caves, it has 8 players booked but no ref, or crew. WE REALLY NEED A REF FOR THIS EVENT. If you can help please book on to ensure it runs, I can probably supply a base dungeon to be edited for running if needed.
Almacsar Myths Lead Up – Day 3, another trip to Buckmore park for the third one of these, it is in need of monsters as it doesn’t currently have any for the 10 players booked

Caves Max 3k – Is full on players, which is obviously down to the fact that I am booked to ref it... biggrin.gif I do however need some monsters, I have Dave H as my a-ref, so 2 or 3 crew would be ideal to make this a good event.
Almacsar Myths Lead Up – Day 3, Back in the caves for the fourth and final day of this lead up marathon. 8 players booked, but no monsters. Really does need a couple to ensure it runs.

Further Ahead
The Max 3k 4-day on the 20th-23rd July is in desperate need of Monsters, it currently only has 1... It is being reffed by Julian D and Myself, with Duncan mothering, so should be plenty of decent food to keep you going! It is at Perth-Y-pia in Wales, which is an awesome site, with 2 decent stone cottages we stay in. Monster rooms are all on suite and you have your own chill out living room with sofas and a kitchen! Lots of Monster rewards on offer as well and can probably arrange transport. Emial me if you are keen to monster it.

Next weekend is the Rasha 2-day, which is 1 monster short of being completely full, this does however mean it looking fairly quiet at the caves currently. If you fancy getting something running then drop the booking line an email!

Rumours and Gossip
A reminder that the Caves Development fund is running again this year, with all the details here: Been a good uptake so far but always open if more people wish to join.

Look out later this week for further information regarding the kit fayre and BBQ
Just to confirm that Tonight's Tuesday Club is going to be happening with the 5 players booked. Plenty more player spaces though if anyone free tonight and wants to come play as well!

Rich G is now reffing Sundays 250, he could really do with an a-ref and some monsters.

Still in desperate need of monsters Saturday and Monday as well!
So, my requests here for monsters, and some asking about has so far resulted in a grand total of zero monsters booking on sad.gif

If you are playing an event this weekend that currently is short of crew (which is most of them) please take some time today to ask people if they are able to come and monster for you this weekend. Personal requests always work better then general posts, and people get bored of me pestering them!!

Will provide a further update tonight or tomorrow on what will be happening over weekend
An update as promised, and unsurprisingly, we still need monsters!

Will (as the replacement ref) has confirmed that this has now been cancelled, so the caves will be closed on Friday.

Liberation 3-day Lead Up - Has dropped to 6 players, is still enough for it to run and has the whole of team BAM reffing so should be good on the crew front, although sure they would appreciate a monster.
House D'Treal Dungeon - Up to 8 players now, and thanks to Ed and Stacey switching to monstering it should be all good to run without the need for anyone to book off. However, 1 more monster for this level of dungeon would be great!
Almacsar Lead Up - Overland at Buckmore Park, has 11 players and 3 monsters so looking all good to run!

Open Max 250 - Is now full on players, proof once again to the importance of having refs booked for dungeons to fill up with players! However, we are in need of an a-ref and at least 1 monster to make this run. I know players have been asking about already, but please keep trying! Unfortunate if it comes to Sunday morning and there is still no crew 2 people will need to book off and monster.
Almacsar Lead up - Another no max at Buckmore park, this one currently only has 1 monster booked plus the 2 refs so does ideally need 1 more experienced monster to challenge the party

Open Max 3k - 12 players still booked, but only an a-ref currently helping me out. I do need at least 1 monster to challenge the party, and at worse case someone will need to book off. Please get monster hunting to make sure that this doesn't happen!
Almacsar Lead Up - In the caves today, and have 1 monster booked for the 10 players, so they ideally need 1 as well.

I have tried as and where I can to find monsters this weekend but not had much luck, if players can try to it will really help having to avoid the annoyance of people booking off to monster
I've stepped in and booked to A-Ref Sunday's Max 250.
Brilliant, cheers Gordon. Sunday has a monster booked as well now so could do with more but is good to go.

Still needing a monster for Monday, please help if you can!
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