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So the first extended length of the year is now over and done with, generally went well thanks to the efforts of a lot of people, hopefully the first of a year of good events!

On to this weekend, the original plan was to have an overland only weekend this weekend which is why there are only overland adult dungeon booked, however the caves will now be open Saturday for young players so is the option for adult dungeons then as well. With enough interest we could open Sunday as well. What we really need for all events is for someone to ref them! I will be asking about a bit when time allows but if you fancy it please do book to ref! It tends to be that once a ref is booked a dungeon will feel up.

For those that haven’t been there Buckmore Park is only a 20 minute drive from caves and has 140 acres of woodland for us to use. Has a secure car park and toilet block and will be our main overland site this year

This what is currently booked, although if people can organise something else happy for that to run instead:

Max 1k Overland – 5 players, so most likely to run, we just need a ref and some crew!
Max 3k Overland – Only 2 players booked
Young players – Only 4 players booked so far, need some more to book on. We also need a pair of refs for this.

Max 1.5k Overland – 2 players booked
Max 5250 Overland – 3 Players booked.

Further Ahead

Next week Tuesday club returns with a max 500 Dark Elf/Drowe themed dungeons for all those with an interest in all things dark. Spoke about this with a few of the regular Tuesday lot who were keen, but only has 3 people booked so far, hoping a few more book on. Is only a themed dungeon, so is open to others as well, although I would expect a fair few darkness spells going off!

Also next weekend we have the Easter weekend where we have 4 days of fun taking place, what we really need is some monsters! Although Good Friday is looking too empty on players and a ref at the moment, Gordon is trying to sort a dungeon if people are keen, see here: Good Friday
Easter Monday has a max 3k I am reffing, has 9 players booked but am in need of an a-ref and some monsters if anyone can help me out.

Rumours and Gossip
In case you missed is, the details of the Cave Development Fund are here: Info
There are big plans this year, including wanting to build a 2 story building inside the caves! To fund this we have taken the idea from kick starter and similar to have staggered rewards for people to be about to contribute varying amounts.

If the stories and information from the 3-day this weekend has inspired you to get involved in future events then keep an eye on the Extended Lengths forums for details, I will be providing an update later today of the exact booking positions but the open 3k 4-day and the 5250 3-day both have player spaces, as well as some on the Closed Myths if you chat to Sarah.

As the year goes on there should be new props appearing in the armoury from all the extended lengths that are running this year, thinks that will hopefully make your dungeon more interesting and cool looking.
Each extended length has a prop budget for the refs to spend on things they need, any that is unspent Team FroKat will be spending on armoury props themselves. I have a local TK Maxx and collection of charity shops to go prop hunting in, but if anyone else spots anything cool and cheap we could get online or elsewhere then let me know!
Some of you may have already noticed someone selling some cave props on Ebay along with there character card, Grulls and equipment. As a reminder, buying IC equipment for real cash is cheating that could lead to your character being blown up
Attempting to use another persons character could get you banned from the caves and/or all your characters blown up.

We run very much on trust on many things, and while people may want to bid on the item for the props I would suggest handing the character card, potions, grulls etc to the desk to avoid any accusations of cheating.

And before you all go searching ebay for it, the item is here:
But it does seem to have a non standard rebirth in the mix..
Very keen to get to play on Sunday alongside Claudia ideally at the 1500 level, however I can be flexible at other levels while Claudia has fewer options.

Obviously hoping to get to play some overlands but will play at the caves if that enables something to run.
So, as things currently stand we will be cancelling all the overlands this weekend due to lack of interest. Currently the plan is:

A caves max 1k will be going up on the event diary tonight, it does however need a ref
Young players is up to 6 players but is in urgent need of a couple of refs

No events so Caves closed
The max 1k on Saturday is now up if people want to book on. It does still need a ref, I am hoping that someone is able to step up to ref it so that Lee can play rather then having to ref again after reffing the 3-day last weekend...

Young players now has some refs, but could really do with a few more people booking on.

Also, so people know, I am away from tomorrow morning for the weekend and am unlikely to be on the boards much or answer extended length emails till Monday
The Max 1k is now up to 8 players, with an Tim T and Mark D crewing, what it really needs is a ref so that Lee doesn't have too book off to do it. If anyone can book on to ref it please do!
Is Saturday's 1k happening, please!
QUOTE(Stuart @ Apr 7 2017, 12:58 PM) *
Is Saturday's 1k happening, please!

The caves max 1k on Saturday is happening. That is the only adult dungeon this weekend tho


Yep, is definetly happening!
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