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Full Version: Good Friday 2017
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Good Friday

So Good Friday is approaching, in the distant past this normally meant a Themeday, one of two that might run over an Easter, weekend. I still recall fondly playing Mithaniel on all four days over the Easter weekend where Sonof master minded two themedays and a host of linked dungeons as we killed off old One Eye.

In more recent times this has often seen a cheeky overland pulled together with often a scary number of crew to player ratio making a good day in the sun for all.

This Easter we have the caves open all four days across the weekend, with a scattering of dungeons.

Currently as Rich has pointed out there is only one open dungeon booked on the Friday which is a 5250 and currently no one is booked on it. With only one other dungeon running we have more than enough space an opportunity to run something else.

Who is free?
What level do you want to do something at?
How would you like to be involved, play, ref, crew etc.?

My personal suggestions are:

Max 1500
Max 2k
Max 3k – Points grab chance for the April 2 day

Left field options include:

Cheeky Guild Special
Cheeky Guild Start Up/Restart
Cult of Mendez Hunger Games – everyone is a 4th level AP
Max 250 or 8th & 75pts flavour event; new gobbal team franchise and try outs; group of demons invading primus; lost souls escaping hell; undead horde breaking out of the crypt; warlocks of firetop mountain
I'd play a 250/500, 1500, 2k or 3k.

ahh the old themedays

i still remember the buzz of actually getting a booking for one let alone playing it!

Used to be an opportunity for us newer and lower points players at the time to see the legends/ ultras/highs come out and do there thing , names like stumbler, nesphos , thor ( sub 10 k) saladin , yannik , og muttley and snuffy and owl , even remember nobby kicking off and fighting !! ( and asking if he had cure disease )

I recall feeling brave enough as a 2k warrior to fight Dave anderson if i recall as the end boss along side jander

Shame there not as popular today

I like the idea of playing the undead breaking out of the crypt, it could be fun playing it from that side. I'd get involved in this.

Playing the undead breaking out for once would be a interesting idea that I would be up for.
Ideally id want something in the 5250-7k range although would also be happy with max 500ish for something new
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