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The first overland of the season was completed yesterday and it went well and the site ticks all the boxes we need for a good overland event, am looking forward to more throughout the year.
This week we have a busy Tuesday and Saturday but Sunday bound to be fairly quiet as it is Mother’s Day, is usually someone who doesn’t realise and have to book off closer to the day!
On to the events this week...

A Max 1500 Tuesday club dungeon, being reffed by me, currently full on players and crew so looking like it will be a fun night. I am happy to go to 13 players (or have more monsters!) if people are still keen to be involved, will need to email Duncan however to book on.

In Purity Max 1k Guild Special, being reffed by Tim D and organised by Paul D. It currently only has 2 players booked, so obviously needs some more to run. If you fancy an undead bash then book on or speak to Paul if you want a guest spot.

Max 1k Starfall Campaign Part 3 of Gordon and Claudia’s campaign, has a full crew and a player spot has just opened up so go grab it quick if you are wanting to play. See the campaign forum for all the details of the campaign so far.

Deci No Max Dungeon, this one being organised by Grant to help deal with all the issues in Deci, being reffed by Lee and with Fi as his a-ref. Currently only has a couple of players booked so needs a few more to ensure it runs. Get in touch with Grant if you are wanting to play as is a closed event.

Max 3k “It’s About Time” campaign dungeon reffed by Sean Cook. The next instalment of this ongoing campaign, is full on players but currently has no crew. If you are able to help him out please book to a-ref or monster.

Pre 8th Dungeon, currently 3 players booked but no crew so looking a bit shaky, need more of everything to ensure this runs.

An Open Max 500, 5 players booked but no ref, although does have Jack as an a-ref. This is currently looking more likely to run of the 2 events, although it does need a ref to ensure it happens. What we may end up looking to do is combing the 2 in to 1 event, but it will need someone willing to ref it. Keep an eye on this post for further updates.

Further Ahead
Next weekend we have the Amles 3-day, which means it is going to be a quiet one at the caves. Currently looking like nothing will be happening on the Saturday and Sunday will just have the new player dungeon running.

Wednesday is the final payment date for the Rasha 2-day, and the end of the month deposits due for a number of other events. Please get them paid

Rumours and Gossip
The cafe broked the news over the weekend that from next weekend the price of breakfasts will be going up by 50p, there may be a few other menu price changes as well.

Know a lot of people are in to their Fitbit step counting at the moment, if you fancy a day of lots of steps you should monster the upcoming overlands, ended up doing over 20,000 steps and walking over 10 miles throughout the day!

Just a quick update, and more will follow later but so far we have:

The In Purity dungeon has been cancelled.
The Deci No Max has 2 players currently, chat to Grant ASAP if you want to play before this is cancelled
3 Player spaces have opened up on the max 1k Starfall campaign dungeon
The 3k About Time campaign dungeon is full on players but is in desperate need of an a-ref and couple more monsters.

Charlie B has stepped in to ref the open Max 500, with the plan being to move the 3 players over from the low and bump them up a bit so that everyone can have a fun dungeon to play. This could still do with 1 monster to help Charlie out.
Just booked to aref the about time campaign - mainly because the gimp Greenaway has been giving me a load of gyp about the amlas 3day (how he's going to perm me...), all ranged fx's will be focused upon him! fear not the rest of the party...

Thanks buddy smile.gif

Looks like i will be monstering the highs for the 3 day
Thanks buddy smile.gif

Looks like i will be monstering the highs for the 3 day
Cheers Benson

And to update, Saturday's Deci dungeon is cancelled
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