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First of thanks to all those who helped make the weekend just gone a good one, seems like everyone had fun at the caves thanks to the hard work of the crew. We were looking shaky on numbers at one point, so special thanks to those who stepped in to help, is very much appreciated.

This week we are looking bust again, and have the first overland of the season on Sunday, hopefully the weather stays nice for it!

On to the events:

This month’s Thursday dungeon, a max 10k being reffed by Sam M. It currently has 8 players, an a-ref and a monster, so could definitely do with one more monster but otherwise looking good to go.

An open max 3k, being reffed by Rebecca as part of her Mistbound campaign to help Port Meire while it stuck in the nacht. Is full on players, and has an a-ref and 1 monster booked already but 1 more monster would be a great help.

An Amles Themed max 4k, being reffed by Sam M. A chance for people to grab some more points for the Amles 3-day, currently only has 3 people booked on but does have a monster. Ideally needs a couple more players and an a-ref to ensure it runs.

An open max 250, 5 players booked but no crew at all at the moment. We are keen for this to run so if anyone could book on to ref or crew this it would be great and avoids the need for me to pester people directly again!

A young player dungeon, being reffed by Paul D, it currently has 7 players each section with 1 crew, so a few more people to monster would be good, as well as a 2nd ref needed to help Paul out.

A closed Stag-do dungeon, a group of guys coming down to celebrate the stags coomming wedding, many of them new to Labyrinthe. Will P is reffing, and has 2 monsters but could do with an a-ref to help him out and give them a great day on this low level dungeon.

Low level birthday dungeon, being organised and reffed by Graham P, currently has 5 players but no crew so if you are free to help out please book on.

Amles 3-day max 11k lead-up at Buckmore Park. With 15 players and 8 crew already booked, including Lee as the ref this is looking likely to be a busy and fun scene setter for the 3-day in a couple of weeks time. There are still more spaces on both sides though if you want to get involved. See the extended length forum for more details on the site.

An open max 250, is on the diary but with no one booked on at all in any role at the moment is looking unlikely to run.

Further Ahead

Tuesday Club is back on next week, on the 21st. Is full on crew and already has 6 players booked so is looking good to go.

The Amles 3-day is on the 31st March and could do with a few more crew.

Many of the extended lengths deposits and payments are due this month, please can you get them paid either at the caves or via bank transfer.
The Easter weekend is coming up soon and the caves will be open for 4 days of fun. There are some dungeons booked in already, but Easter Sunday is currently free for anyone to book an event. So far we have:

Good Friday – Almacsa Myths Lead up reffed by craig and Sam and an open max 5250 that is in need of a ref
Saturday – 4 dungeons at the caves, including a 2 party house D’Treal Dungeon, Liberation 3-day lead up and Shadow Legion guild special. Then another Almacsa myths lead up at Buckmore Park
Sunday - The 2nd day of the Almacsa myths lead up at Buckmore Park, but nothing currently booked at the caves, contact the booking line if you keen for something to run.
Easter Monday – An Open max 3k being reffed by me, and the 4th part of the Almacsa myths lead up.

Rumours and Gossip
Will get another thanks in here, for all those that have been parking their cars in the top car park, has been noticed by the tour side and is appreciated.

Details of the Club Supporters Scheme should be coming out soon.

The Almanac will be going to Tim T to print this week, so should be at the caves soon.
So an update of where we are at:

The max 10k is happening today, if you find yourself fee there is spaces on both sides still.

The Max 3k has 1 player free and would be helped by 1 more monster

The Amles themed 4k is down to just 2 players, although has a ref and a monster. Is unfortunately looking unlikely to run as it currently stands.

The Max 250 is up to 7 players and Chris G has kindly stepped in to ref, he has an a-ref but could really do with a monster to help give the players (many of who are still new to the caves) a good day.

Young players now has Richard E reffing with Paul but could do with a few more players and monsters booking on.

The Max 250 has no one booked on so will be cancelled

The Pre 8th Stag do is full but could really do with an a-ref to help Will out.

The Low level birthday dungeon being reffed by Graham is also in need of an a-ref.

The Amles 3-day lead up is full on monsters and has a couple of player spaces left for those on the 3-day

Tuesday Club is back next week, a max 1500 hundred being reffed by me. Is currently full on crew but still has 3 more player spaces available.
The Amles 3-day lead up on Sunday has lost an a-ref and a monster, if anyone else can help out please book on
QUOTE(RichFromant @ Mar 16 2017, 05:21 PM) *
The Amles 3-day lead up on Sunday has lost an a-ref and a monster, if anyone else can help out please book on

Feel free to move me up from a Monster Slot to an A-Ref slot

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