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Starting off this week’s weekly post with a request from the owners of Chislehurst Caves:
Please can all Labyrinthe club members park in the top carpark.
I know this comes up fairly regularly but can we please try to stick to it. As those who were down at the weekend would have seen, they have put new signs up outside the cafe requesting it as well. As we rent our part of the caves off of them we could do with avoiding upsetting them by filling their main customer carpark at the weekends. The only spaces in the bottom carpark we are allowed to use are the 3 to the right hand side of the stairs, these are first come first served.

With that over and done with its on to this weeks events:

An open Max 250, currently has 5 players booked as well as 1 monster. Needs a ref and a-ref to ensure this runs. Lee has said he could provide a dungeon for this if you free to ref but haven’t got the time to write something.

Almacsa lead up part one. Is full on crew and players, although if you thinking of playing the myths get in touch with Sarah W to discuss and potentially book on to play this as well

An Open Max 500. It currently has an a-ref and a monster but no players or ref! If you want this to run, book on. If a few people fancy something at a different level then drop Duncan an email to change it over.

Almacsa lead up part two. Is full on players, 14 of them in fact. It could do with another monster to help them out.

Further Ahead
Next week is a busy one, with Tuesday club running on Valentines day if anyone wants to bring their partner along to the caves!
Sean is also running his first Thursday dungeon, it needs 1 more player and monster to ensure that it runs, so get booking on.

Extended lengths are still needing monsters, please do consider booking on to crew them

Pete L has agreed to ref the Druid Rite of Life Themeday in August as it will tie in to his Final Dawn plot, more details will be announced nearer the time but is open for bookings. Is a 2 party affair at Buckmore Park on Monday 28th August.

Rumours and Gossip

Duncan is away working this whole week in Poole in Dorset building a cafe in the leather gift shop that Andy and Rachel Byatt own. Although he still has his laptop and phone with him he will obviously be busy, so please be understanding if a delay in replies to emails.
Andy and Rach’s website for their company is if you wanted to see what they up to since moving on from the caves.

Over the weekend there was lots of cleaning carried out at the caves, including the armoury door now being mold free thanks to Rebecca! Can people please do their bit in ensure that caves are being kept tidy, nothing major, just use the bins, put your kit in the cubby holes rather then leaving it on the desks etc.
If there is a ref that is willing to sponsor me, I have a fully written dungeon for Saturday that Rich is going over at the moment?

We've been talking and the team has expressed that they would like for me to work with someone that is experienced.

Would appreciate if anyone is interested! Otherwise, I'm ready to A-Ref the 250 on Saturday.

Again, Sunday is possible too if it fills up, but please be aware trains are [----] for me on a Sunday and only once an hour.

If TFL calls any strikes and or engineering actions it normally F's the whole thing up. (Took me four hours to get down for Rebecca's dungeon!)



So just an update on this weekend. Benson has kindly stepped in to ref Saturdays 250, running a dungeon that Lee is kindly writing.
It has Nick as its a-ref and a couple of monsters with 7 players booked, so more space for people to jump on board if they want to play.

Sunday's max 500 still doesn't have a ref or any players so is looking unlikely to run!

No real change on the myths lead ups either day.
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