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Full Version: Winterhaven Unbalanced
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Hey all!

I've got this birthday coming up at the start of march and I've booked a little Winterhaven family outing for it. We've got Benson reffing, but Im sure he'd love to have some crew along to help out! More than that, Id love to hae some crew to help out. The dates March 4th, there will probably be honey at lunchtime and there will definitely be bees. Lots and lots of bees.


Pete Long
Bumping this now we're getting closer! Would really welcome some people to come fight the B-Team!

Pete Long
Hey friends.

Benson has sadly been lumbered with a vast amount of work and has had to book off from reffing. Would anyone be able to step in and help us out here?


Pete Long
Can't help with that, alas, but if it goes ahead I shall monster. Would prefer to play, obviously, but given that you have no ref, a-ref or crew, I suspect a monster might be more welcome.... wink.gif

Thanks Matt! That'd be great! Any more for any more?

Pete Long
I've had to book off this, hope you guys have a good day smile.gif
Booh! Hope to see you soon.
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