Hey folks,

As you probably are aware I have foolishly decided to ref a Guild Start up for an all encompassing scout guild this Saturday. (4th)

I've currently got a plot, a dungeon outline and will begin fleshing it out with stats in the next couple of nights.

What I don't currently have, is enough players to make it count as a Guild special. I have 5, which means I still need a couple more to get it off the ground. So if you have missed a professional guild slot for all your pathfinder types - come join in the fun !!

Don't worry about the level (3k unbalanced) 3 of my party are sub 1k and TBH the scary encounters all target Greenway because, well, it's Greenway .....

Speaking of targeting Greenway - if anyone finds themselves at a loose end - I could also do with another monster or two to help smash Benson in the nuts ... ( I kid you not, there IS a NPC called 'NutCracker' in the dungeon.....)

Lunch, Lifts and Beer in the pub afterwards on offer if you can help out in anyway possible !!!