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Full Version: Labyrinthe Super Saturday
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On Saturday 13th May we are once again hosting another kit fair similar to the one that was held on Spiter Day last year. We already have Eldritch, Having a Larp and Light Amrouries trading and we are looking to sign up some more over the coming weeks as well. A great chance to treat yourself to some new kit.

What we are also doing this year is having an “open day” at the caves to try and encourage new and returning players to come and try out the system and the site to see what we have to offer as well as running some events for our regular players. The events we are looking to run are:

2 hour taster sessions:
The first one starting at 10am, then one at 1pm and one at 3.30pm. These are straight 8th events and designed for people to try out the system, which we will be producing a scaled down handbook for. There will be some spaces for experienced players who want to bring people along with them to give Labyrinthe a go. These will cost £10 each but are ½ cost if you spend over £100 with the traders

Max 1500 Single Lengths
These are open to anyone one and run one in the morning one in the afternoon so you can spend time playing and shopping. Cost will be £20 each

An Open Max 5250
One normal dungeon running for our regular players to be involved in, costs £40 as usual.

In addition the tavern will be open and IC all day under a rite of peace, there will be some IC events going on in there at various points as well.

Then finally, in the evening we will be hosting the Labyrinthe Summer Ball!
Don’t worry, is nothing formal, just sounds more exciting that way. It will be a BBQ and OOC forum upstairs in the marquee and picnic benches. There will be free burgers and sausages provided and will be a chance to chill out and chat over a beer or two. There will also be some info regarding future plans at the caves and drawing the raffle. Maybe some silly competitions as well.

So, what we need at this stage are some people to volunteer to be involved in running the various events taking place during the day. If you are interested drop me an email on:

More details will follow over the coming months as well.

There is also a Facebook event we will be updating as we go along.
Iv got a few friends who would like to try the new player stuff on that day.
How do I get them booked on?
Iv played a few times down the cave's am I ok to book on with them?
And lastly can they book onto more than one section as they will be travelling a long way so would probably fancy a bit more than 2 hrs.

Thanks in advance.

They will need to register for tier 2 membership on the website and then if you get them to drop me an email we can get them booked on. Is perfectly fine for you to play with them as well and we are happy for them to do more then 1 section/

We have been fairly busy sorting and arranging things for the extended lengths this year last few weeks, once the first one is over and done with this weekend we will update more details for this day.

Great. Thanks for the fast response.
I'll get hassling them to get booked on
Hey hey. Any news on when people will be able to book onto this?

At some point over the weekend would be my best guess

for Duncan

Had a thought that you should contact The Metro and Evening standard newspaper (would have said local papers as well but not sure how many read them) for if they have a weekend events section for the kit fair
or possibly invite them down for a bit of publicity

Silly question I am trying to book on to the event son the Saturday but I can only book on to one of them I get an error saing I already have a booking that day - I have 2-4 new players looking to head down and do all three or is that not a thing?

The system only lets you book for one thing on one day. Drop is an email and we can book you on manually


Will do thanks smile.gif
Are there any additions to what is happening on Super Saturday?
I heard talk of a raffle, if so what kind? Will there be Almanacs available to buy? What about sets of the new rule books?
Overflow parking once the top car park is full?
Any random stuff for us to throw our ill gotten cash at in character or out of character?
Looking forward to popping down
Ta much
Yes to all of the above, we have just finished this evenings meeting for super Saturday so watch this space for more info

QUOTE(duncanmatthias @ May 4 2017, 09:40 PM) *
Yes to all of the above, we have just finished this evenings meeting for super Saturday so watch this space for more info


Woop Woop!
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