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Was a busy weekend at the caves with plenty going on and is looking to be even busier this weekend. As usual, more crew on both days would be good as Saturday has lots of campaign dungeons and Sunday has the big knights election result 2 party dungeon as well as Having a LARP down trading.

“It’s About Time” Is a Max 1k and Part 2 of Sean Cook’s campaign that looks like it is going to keep growing and growing this year. Currently has the luxury of a full crew so definitely good for more players to book on as currently only 7.

“Starfall” The first part of a Max 500 Campaign being reffed by Gordon and Claudia, is currently full with 13 players, including a fair few coming down the caves for the first time in a few years. It currently only has 1 monster so could do with a couple more to help them out.

In Purity Max 1K Guild Special – The first part in a mini campaign being reffed by Tim D, it currently only has 3 players and just an a-ref, so more needed on both sides. Paul D is organising so get in touch with him as you keen to play as a non guild member.

Jason’s Solo Birthday dungeon – Mainly putting it here for reference as it obviously full with its 1 player, and has a full crew as well!

The 2 Party Knights Year End/Election Dungeon. This now traditional event is being reffed By Lee, Sam and Craigy this year. Is a 2 party affair set at a max 10k and a max 7.5k and likely to be dangerous. Currently has 8 Players on each section and is in need of monsters for the 20k section, although more for the 7.5k would also be good!

An Open 1500, this currently is looking shaky as it only has 1 player and 1 monster currently booked. If you are keen to be involved in any way get booking on before any decision is made later this week.

A LASAR Max 250. The Anglia Ruskin university group are down for their first dungeon of the year and is being reffed by Andy W. Am sure they would welcome some monsters, Will P is organising so get in touch with him if you wanting to be involved as a player.

Further Ahead
So next Tueday, the 31st, we have the next Tuesday club, being reffed by me. Is a max 1k so get booking on if interested.

Deposit deadline day for extended lengths is next week so please get paying them soon please. Remember to drop me an email with the breakdown if you paying for more than 1 event together.

As always, we are looking for more ref for the open events up on the system over the next couple of months. If you are a ref and not currently signed up to ref anything please have a look through and book to ref.

Rumours and Gossip
The last bits and pieces for the Almanac are being put together this week so it should hopefully be out next month.

The new books are in stock at the caves again thanks to Tim, so grab a copy if you still need one.
Ian from Having a LARP has asked that I just add that they are coming down to trade on Sunday!
Read the first paragraph closer wink.gif says it there
So it does, our bad smile.gif Well, I amend my statement to highlighting it then wink.gif
Just to confirm, Sunday's 1500 has been cancelled but otherwise everything is running as detailed at the weekend. Still spaces for more players and crew on both days if you find your self at a loose end.

Have chatted to Ian Knope and he getting down the caves bright and early Sunday so he should be all set up and ready to sell you all lots from 9am onwards. I encourage people to come down and have a look at what he has for sale over breakfast or lunch.
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