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A busy week ahead this week at the caves with 4 days of fun taking place at the caves, so will get straight to it:

A max 1500 Tuesday club dungeon, being reffed by Giles and has an a-ref and 5 4 monsters already, what we actually need are some more players. Currently only 5 people booked, could really do with 3 more. Will be a fish and chip shop evening as Duncan not around.
For those not involved before, this runs in the evening, with caves opening at 5.30pm, time in about 6.30pm then time out followed by take away over debrief at about 9.15. Finishing up around 10pm.

The first Thursday event of the year, a max 7500 triple length reffed by Sam M. Although there is some scope if you are over the threshold, drop Sam a message to discuss. It currently has an a-ref and 2 monsters versus 6 players. So it needs a couple more players to ensure this runs.
Again, for those not aware: This runs basically on normal weekend times at the caves but without a real stop for lunch, having the fun of the whole caves to yourselves.

Its Tribal Themeday at the caves! A 2 party event for all things furry, the highs being reffed by Miles and the lows by Sarah. Both events are currently full with a waiting list, we have however lost some of the booked monsters for both parties... We could really do with at least 1 more monster on both of these, ideally 2 for each! You have the advantage of being able to make a special themeday item if you crew this.

There is also a max 250 being reffed by Lee, for all those who want to face the challenge of 6th level black warlocks... It currently has an a-ref and 6 players so could do with at least 1 monster and some more players as well.

Young players is running as well, being reffed by Paul and Laura. It currently only has 2 people booked to play all day, so if you are planning on coming down please get booking on.

We also need a desker, if any of those who are already trained to do so are free.

An Open Max 3k being reffed by Rebecca. This is the first part of a series of dungeons to investigate Port Meire and returning it to Primus are it was taken to the nacht over the Final Dawn event. Currently has an a-ref and 1 monster for the 9 players. It could ideally do with another monster or 2 to help out for an experienced party that also contains a few new shiny rebirths.

A max 500 Gathering Horde guild special. This currently only has 2 players and Graham P as the ref, so it could really do with more of everything booked by Wednesday to ensure this goes ahead.

Further Ahead
28th January seems to have become campaign day, with the first part of Gordon and Claudia’s Starfall campaign, Part 2 of Sean’s “Its about time” campaign and the first part of an In Purity campaign being reffed by Tim D

If the 28th wasn’t busy enough, Sunday the 29th January has the big Knights end of year 2 party dungeon happening as well as Having a LARP being down and trading that day. The refs for the knights would love to get a few monsters signed up early.

Extended Lengths are filling up nicely, will remind people to check the deposit dates for the events they are playing as a lot are the end of this month. All of the 3 days, the 4 day and myths need monsters as well. The rewards for doing so are good, especially if crewing more than one. See the Extended Length forums for all the details.

We have also booked a load of overlands for this year at Buckmore Park, some of the slots are open for anyone to organise events. All the details here:Overlands Info
Since the post Friday I haven’t had any emails to book slots, so all are still up for grabs.

Rumours and Gossip

Plans are in motion for another Kit fair and cave open day this year, which will include the Labyrinthe BBQ and Summer Ball...

There was a slight technical hitch with credits last week, if you appear to be missing some on the website check your points app credits, they are probably sitting there instead. Duncan will be switching them over in due course.
So a quick update for the weekend:

Saturday is needing some crew for the tribal themeday still, although there are a couple of spaces on the low party. There are also spaces on the 250 running as well.

Young players currently only has 4 players and 1 monster for both sections on Saturday so could really do with a few more booking on as well.

Sunday's Max 3k has had a couple of player spaces appear but is ok for crew.
The Gathering Horde guild special is almost certainly going to be cancelled.
The Gathering Horde GS has indeed been cancelled, but there are suddenly a couple of spaces on the low section of the tribal dungeon tomorrow, for anyone who wanted to be a tribal this weekend

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