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Greetings fellows, and new friends.

Just so you all know, I am currently compiling the information we have learnt yesterday. Before I place my information here, I am just seeking clarity on a few things - I believe it is important to have key points of information correct, and just would like to go through my notes to ensure the names of people and places are all correct before I commit them to writing.

It was a pleasure to meet you all, and I can see most of us will meet again.


So, to recall the events just gone. Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies, please feel free to correct them - but remember to keep opinion separate from fact.

There is a realm, called Feralis which was in trouble. It has many inhabitants, mostly silver elves.

It's King, is Leffel Raspian and he is a few hundred years old and currently sits on their throne. He lives in the City of Regal Spires.

The silver elves seemed to lose the connection to their source of knowledge - which transpired wasn't the Silver Dragon, but their realm spirit, named Feralis. She called herself a Silver Soul, and was almost elven in nature. Something happened, which caused the silver elves to lose their minds and go mad. Those near the King and in his city were safer, but those further were not.

Upon investigations, we discovered that a silver folk, by the name of Thaxacor had approached some mercenary dwarves from the Exilian forge, led by a dwarf named Tor-Vi. He requested they make him a sword, with a Mithril core and Amethysts bound into the pommel and hilt. He gave them a large sum of money to begin with, however when the final payment was due, he didn't have the required funds.
As such, he pointed them to a set of mines, in the Realm of Feralis. Rich in silver, and weak and guarded by mad, sleeping elves. He gave them the details of the location and opened a portal for them to get to this mine, so they could claim their own payment and more. He also convinced them that the elves there were sick and needed putting out of their misery - the dwarves slaughtered the sleeping elves within the mine and then got to work.

As a group, we drove them back, and retrieved further information from one they left behind.

Further investigations showed us, that the silver folk had visited the library, and stolen some books, he was described by the elements in the area as a pale man in purple robes with a Silver Sword bound with amethysts. He arrived at night, stole some books and flew out.

Later on, we found where the heart of Feralis once was, and discovered that Feralis herself had been slain by the well made, and ritually empowered silver sword. Often, silver swords are bathed in the souls of innocents but this was bathed in the soul of a silver soul, which was this realm's spirit. One can only begin to imagine the power and significance of such.

The world is slowly falling apart - should someone fill the void of the heart of Feralis, this will secure the realm for a time but the realm will feed on them and slowly destroy them. Several of us offered to help, but in the end we left it with their King to find someone appropriate and of the realm.

There are also some huge problems with the nature of the place, in particular something wrong with the mountain. The druid folk with us may be better explaining the issues there in more detail - however, the mountains are a very unnaturally hot place, in which most of us would not survive the heat for long.

One thing that struck me as unusual, was that when we went to visit the Realm Spirit's cave, there were a large number of undead there. These undead were human, which was strange given this world has no human inhabitants. I scried, and it shows that they come from a place called Helton's Fall, a village in the frozen north on Primus. It appears they were placed there soon after the Realm spirit had left. The village of Helton's Fall was attacked by a pack of winter wolves over a number of days, and those bodies vanished overnight. Why? I do not know.

There are several possibilities of things we can do next, which is our choice.

We should travel with the King, once he has chosen an appropriate host to be the new temporary realm spirit, to help him perform the correct binding ritual.

We should travel into the mountain to resolve the issue there - however first we will need to find a way to ward us all such we don't all burn.
There are many ways to do this, perhaps seeking a blessing from the red or green dragon to ward us all? Maybe we could do something on Primus before we travel back to Feralis? Does anyone here have any ideas or contacts who may help us? there is a thread to the future where one of the King's librarians may find a way for us, but we should be pro active and try and think of something in case he doesn't find it quick enough and the right paths don't cross.

At some point in our futures, we will meet Thaxacor. He is a silver swordsman. We should try and find a way in which to protect us from his blade cutting our limbs and heads from our bodies. Perhaps a blessing from a War god opposed to evil, perhaps a blessing from the Jade Dragon - again, thoughts and opinions welcomed here, there is no right or wrong road, but several paths.

We have a mystical map that can transport us around Feralis. I can slowly take people between there and Primus if needed.

We - as a group, have about 12,000 Grulls worth of silver. I am a disciple of a god of trade so if anyone wishes trade with anyone there, I will happily assist to ensure a fare trade.

I may well be missing some things, but others are welcome to add here anything relevant.

Disciple of Daysiris

Thank you for an extremely detailed and well worded summary of the day's event! Certainly filled in some gaps I had.

In regards to the mountains, upon our arrival on Feralis, the 'land' felt wrong. The mountains themselves were home to a number of dormant Volcanos, which whilst natural themselves, had been unnaturally made active by someone who had recently visited the mountains. This caused the burning we saw on our travels and the lava, salamanders and fiery wardings. I have to admit to not knowing if we discovered who the person or persons were that cast whatever foul rite to activate the Volcanos or what powers they used. I don't believe it was Thaxacor, but rather likely to be his ally or someone he hired in similar manner to Dwarves. I maybe wrong though so if anyone else knows the answer that would be very helpful
We need to go to the 'Heart of the Mountain', which is currently far too hot for us and traveling there without protection will burn us to ash. We know the Librarians may be able to find us some form of warding but think Sebastian is spot on and we should be proactive in trying to find our own or very least back-up plan considering the confused nature of some of the Silver Elves on Feralis.

I will look into a druidic means, possibly a blessing of Rivers & Seas or Summer/Winter blessing or ward. The Sea Alfar on Feralis maybe able to help though they didn't seem overly knowledgeable on such things and may still have issues with the poisoned/acidic seas to deal with despite our efforts. Given the nature of the realm and wardings/creatures with faced, a magical warding/blessing might be better. One which could combine the two powers of nature and magics would be ideal but maybe even more difficult to discover/prepare for.

Bayden Beastkin
Prince of Autumns Bloom

QUOTE(Carlo @ Jan 9 2017, 07:56 PM) *

There are also some huge problems with the nature of the place, in particular something wrong with the mountain. The druid folk with us may be better explaining the issues there in more detail - however, the mountains are a very unnaturally hot place, in which most of us would not survive the heat for long.
We should travel into the mountain to resolve the issue there - however first we will need to find a way to ward us all such we don't all burn.
There are many ways to do this, perhaps seeking a blessing from the red or green dragon to ward us all? Maybe we could do something on Primus before we travel back to Feralis? Does anyone here have any ideas or contacts who may help us? there is a thread to the future where one of the King's librarians may find a way for us, but we should be pro active and try and think of something in case he doesn't find it quick enough and the right paths don't cross.

Disciple of Daysiris

Thank you Sebastian,

I might just add for the record that:

The route through the 'nacht was a pain, and if we can avoid it that would be good.
We fought a lot of undead, mostly zombies and skeletons but with a few ghouls. Having a couple of people warded from them was really helpful.
No-one really likes killing maddened silver elves, so any way to deal with them is good.
If there's an easy way to kill silver statues it would be good to know.
Feralis was the First of the Silver Souls, I recall.

The issue with the Heart of the Mountain(s) was that its 'desire' is now so strong that we would not survive the flames around it. This may be something that can be dealt with later, once the one who caused it has been dealt with?

Deadening elixirs may be very helpful in due course - I assume he's travelling psychically?

In addition, we could go to the dwarves (or someone else) to try to find out if there is a way to deal with the swordsman in another way. Wardpacting swords, for example? Or looking into the situation where Thaxacor comes from and seeing if there is a way to force him to surrender without fighting him directly - an area where he undoubtedly excels. In fact, this would be my favoured approach - take the initiative away from him. He will be expecting resistance and the way we can guarantee the greatest loss of vitae would be to slowly advance down the path he has prepared for us. We should seek to flank him instead - seek information about him by reputation and rumour, work out if he has enemies or a power-base we can undermine, seek ways to attack the man rather than the swordsman and hopefully eventually take the silver sword from his unyielding fingers without a blow being struck.

That being said, it seems to me we are forced to first come up with a way of giving the realm more time - hence help King Leffel Raspian complete the rite of binding.

I am sure others will have much better ideas than these, but thank you to Sebastian for starting the process.

Nathaniel nav Findias
Baron of Tartovia
Hi all, Silverthorn here.

Couple things:

Pretty sure the realm spirit is nae dead. Bound tae the sword and elsewhere, but no dead. As such we may be able tae release it or might hae ta kill and restore it or summat.

A have some links wit' the North of the Empire and reckon it may be worth ha'ing a look at the village them undead humans were nabbed from. I'll get mae scribe Trevlyan tae ask aboot.

Mae scribe? A long story...

An' I reckon there 's a few in tha' North that can give us cold warnings tae resist fire. Tho' I may hae tae get yoo all in furs tae stop ye shivering... A will see what I can get.

Oh! And spending some time wi' these Silver Elves... they'v made mi' shear back the furs a had, and cut me some more dainty robes...

And thanks to those wha' recorded all this first off. And yes please to ma share o silver.

I've managed a few updates, thanks to a generous member of the Circle who had hurt his leg and couldn't escape in time.

The realm and the First of the Silver Souls is called Felralis.

Rumour suggests that the Silver Souls were 14 semi-divine beings who at the dawn of time travelled to different realms to bring knowledge and insight to other beings, mostly with a tendency towards scholarship and magic. They initially met often to share their experiences, but over time they became very protective and proud of their charges and rivalry grew, even to war. Eventually Felralis, the oldest, persuaded them to a grand meeting where after many days they agreed to be bound each to their own world away from Primus, kept from each other until they could each be trusted to venture to other worlds.

The Silver Souls are, unsurprisingly, shielded from direct scrying. Thaxacor is also shielded, but I tried nevertheless.

The Exleian Forge believed they dealt with him, and in addition to the sword we know about made 15 sets of matching black and purple chainmail, and 15 weapons inlaid with silver. They are of course master craftsmen. They were delivered to a place within the Astral which is now shielded but has not always been. The location was the prison for Prince Roxathac, a Silver Folk who tried to kill his parents to claim rule over their home realm, Geltalax. He failed, and would normally have been killed. However his father pleaded with the Queen and Council, and as a consequence the Prince and his entourage had their silver swords broken and they were locked away in this prison realm. It is not unreasonable to assume that it is a prison no longer.

We might be able to scry further about the home realm, which is not shielded.

I consider that if we find ourselves facing Thaxacor in combat we have probably made an error. There are a group of blue wizards near my Barony in Tartovia who believe they could make devices to help, but they have their limitations. They take a minute to empower, and then all have to be used within the following five minutes, taking each individual bearer to safety. This might therefore be of some use in saving lives, but it might be an unnecessary distraction from making real progress. What do you think?

Lastly I considered how to remove Felralis from the sword, should we be able to obtain it. All conjecture I am afraid, but there would likely be a number of levels, and it would have to be done at a focus of her power.

My thoughts from these points are:

I am immediately concerned that binding Felralis and taking her elsewhere is technically a breach of the pact of the Silver Souls, freeing them up to act as they wish.
We may be able to get some traction by informing the King and Queen of Geltalax that their son’s prison is a prison no more. I am extremely cautious about having anything to do with Silver Folk, but believe at the very least a letter is justified? We might have to go there to deliver it.
Anyone who will be killed by Thaxacor and his 15 friends will probably be dead inside 60 seconds.

What do others think?


Hi again. Silverthorn here.

So a asked a few friends Of Tha North, and they did some diggin' fer me. That is copied below, thanks tae Trevellyan fer scribin' an' Dipp for the hard work...


Ok, after having a quick think about what you asked, I managed to find out the following:

The place you were asking about, Helton's Fall: Seems that it was a mostly human settlement, it does well with trade in wood and wooden goods, that they crafted from the local pine trees that line the hillside the village is on. It seems that during the deepest part of the Deathly Season, the village become cut off from the next nearest settlements.

I popped up there and spoke to the buildings and surrounding area, they spoke of an attack one afternoon by a whole pack of winter wolves. After looking into this, it seem this is very unusual behaviour of this breed of wolf, they tend to keep to them selves. So I had a think about this and it turns out that something/someone drove them to attack the place but whatever it is is either, immune to scrying or doesn't have a mind I can search for.

Nearby there is a cave system where the wolves live, inside it there appears to be some form of primal weakness/portal near to it but I'm not great with magic things, so not sure what that's about.
Oh! by the way there is a dead body in the cave that seems to have been killed by the wolves, it was dressed in purple and black chainmail. Not sure if that means anything to you?

On the question of the ice ritual, there is the Dawn of Winter Ice, an Elven tribe that may be able to help, they live on the western coast. They have a number of ice ritualists that scrying reveals would be able to help.

Hope that helps you out Silverthorn.

So a reckon we avoid a direct fight and so we go an' look at other stuff. Stabilising tha' plane seems a good idea. I reckon we head north on Primus, find out abou' Helton's Fall and the portal there, and get to the ice elves for a means of nae being toasted tae a crisp at the volcanoes.

Takin a letter tae the Silverfolk. Hmm. Mebbe tha if we must.

I would suggest we look into:

Heltons Fall, it may offer clues about what happened.

Securing a new world spirit in the short term.

Finding a way to track the dark vizier/silver swordsman. Perhaps speaking to the dwarves that made his blade may help?

QUOTE(sonof @ Jan 24 2017, 07:59 PM) *
I would suggest we look into:

Heltons Fall, it may offer clues about what happened.

Securing a new world spirit in the short term.

Finding a way to track the dark vizier/silver swordsman. Perhaps speaking to the dwarves that made his blade may help?


All sounds good to me, though hadn't we arranged some fire protection for the mountain? Not that I am keen to go and get burned to a crisp or chopped in half in a single blow for that matter. Oh well, it's all in a days work.


Helton's Fall
An' in the North, visiting them that can give us help with fire wardings
An' a new realm spirit.

Sounds like a plan.

Helton’s Fall sounds like the place to go then and may give us another way of traveling to Felralis if the primal weakness/portal in cave system there lead to Felralis and not some other plane. I know we possibly have other means of getting back but I think if possible we need to find out where that weakness/portal goes and what could likely come through it given the dead body clad in purple and black chainmail.
It sounds like it’s the body of one of Thaxacor’s 15 swordsmen so if its led to somewhere other than Felralis, we don’t want to be surprised by the other 14 swordsmen…

I assume it’s too late to speak to the body in the cave if we go to it? Not extremely knowledgeable of the spirit (or other methods of speaking to the dead).

Hopefully the Dawn of Winter Ice tribe are able to help with the wardings against the fiery hell of the Volcano but just in case we are unable to secure such a ritual, I did a little scrying of my own.

There are caverns within the mountain range that, when the volcano went dormant naturally, were sealed up by the lava solidifying. These have been opened up by someone/something shielded from scrying. These contain the place of power known as the Heart of the Mountain where the volcano was re-awoken from. This has been done magically and it is causing the mountain to remain awake, its natural inclination is to return to being dormant.
At the time the caverns were opened they would have just been empty caverns but now since the volcano has erupted they are full of fire and lava plus creatures made from such. Pretty similar to what we encountered on first arriving on Felralis. There doesn't appear to be anything else down there currently. We clearly need to ward ourselves against fire and then travel there and break the ritual keeping the Volcano active.
As it was magically done, I am unable to find any purely Druidic rites that would give us the protection we would need.

However, the Librarians have found details of a ritual called "The Fires Within" that could work. The ritual works by basically heating your insides in a safe and controlled way. It will however leave those casting the rite drained for a while and more susceptible to cold and water for the rest of the day as well. Going to Helton’s Fall or anywhere else cold or wet first, is definitely a good plan.
There are a couple of components that they would need help in getting to enable the rite to be completed so we may need to look into that if the Dawn of Winter Ice aren’t able to help.
I also spoke to the Sea Alfar that we helped regarding the caverns in the mountain. They believe that they could flood the caverns with water, likely cooling them slightly although also filling them with steam. That would however give us a short window of safety where we could rush in to try and get to the ritual to break it but I think this should be last option if all else fails as I don’t fancy being boiled to death by the steam.

Bayden Beastkin
I'd like to save the tortured souls, in the mountain.
Whatever we need to do first to survive will hopefully be brief.
Great. We ha' a plan then.

See ya soon,

Hello everyone,

Right well, I have been busy talking to people about what we can do before we meet again. There is no simple solution for our issues with neuronics, the best option is to acquire some mind dull and protection from psionics potions, if we can find people that can make them in time. Anyone around this weekend should see what they can do. Wrenlow, who remains on Primus has offered to provide some silver that we can convert to about thirty thousand grulls for purchasing such potions.

With regards to the dark vizier, spiritual scrying suggested that a ritual casting of the Jade spell "Ward the Body" would be a good way to go. I have been to the Tower of High Magery within Halgar and they would be willing to cast a ritual that would put that spell on us for 3 hours, however in return they have an issue they would like dealing with. Their is a group of Onyx elves and followers working with some druids within the Heartlands to try and extend the effects of the Deathly Season. They are lead by an Onyx Elf called Harrien Quell who has recently been declared an outlaw, if we can stop them and bring him in then they will cast the ritual on us.

So maybe the best course of action for the day swould be, go retrieve the prison key from where it is held first off, then go and deal with the onyx elf. Get the ritual cast on us over lunch then head straight to the prison afterwards to deal with T.D.V?

If anyone can try any other forms of scrying or research they might reveal other options.


Baldwin of St. Michael

So it's a heavily warded prison that he comes and goes from as he likes and in fact is so comfortable he hasn't looked for another base. Built by his parents, bet his mum is letting him in and out, and may be worth telling them, together?
Also can we think of a way just to steal the sword and save the world with out killing the bad guy?
Also how do we keep him and his hench men apart to stop him stealing there power, which he can do if they're close?
Also does anyone know where to buy potions that dull your mind?
Just thinking.
I think Baldwin's plan of action is one we should take given no one else has suggested anything.

The Druids and Onxy Elves lead by Harrien Quell, currently have an active rite in place that will delay the onset of spring in the area. This rite could effect farms and crops and if left alone will continue to work.

A druidic rite to counter the effects could be used but this will be more time consuming and might not work unless its of greater power than the current Deathly Season rite. The best thing we can do is just go there and break the ritual as a group. That will stop it working.

The Druids are focuse on the darker side of nature such as death and decay so will likely have similar defences in place, with their Onyx Elven allies also chipping in.

Harrien Quell has recently been outlawed for murdering a merchant family in their home in the Heartlands. He had visited them a few days beforehand for a couple of hours then returned later with a number of onyx elves. He then spent a few hours at the house, probably torturing the merchant for information, before leaving. The caretaker managed to avoid being found and was able to report the murder, he is a nightsoil so they couldn't find him with their spells.
The Jade wizards would prefer him alive so he can face punishment for his crime, but wouldn't be upset if he died and don't need him for anything.

Given Harrien may have been looking for something the merchant had or knew where it was, if it wasn't used for their rite with the Druids, I'd suggest we try and take him alive so information.

Bayden Beastkin.
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