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Full Version: Tuesday Club - 20/12/16
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Hi Guys,

I am sorry but due to being asked to attend an all day meeting in Birmingham on Tuesday 20th I won't be able to ref.

So I am putting this notice up to see if another kind soul can replace me.

Many Thanks

I might be able to.

If you or someone else could step in to ref that would be great.

At worse case if we haven't found a ref by Monday Morning I will book off to ref it
This is now tomorrow and we still in need of a ref is anyone is able to step in last minute to help out?

Currently we have an a-ref and 4 monsters versus the 5 players, so a few more on the playing side would be good as well!
I haven't got the mental capacity to help out reffing I'm afraid, but I can boost the player numbers.

What is the current party list looking like? Would a 300pt unseen servant (rogue) or a 750pt warrior be more handy?

Dave H
I am intending to play my high wizard again if I don't end up reffing
At the moment a warrior I think is more handy
I'm either playing a warrior/wizard elf, or a goodly assassin/priest smile.gif
Currently playing a assassin wink.gif
Just to confirm, I am reffing this tonight.

Plenty of space for more players if anyone else fancies joining us for the single length followed by pizza.
A big thanks to Rich for stepping in and reffing at the last minute and what was a fun dungeon all round. Likewise a big thanks to Ed, Stacey and Mark for crewing!

Lastly a thank you to Duncan for working in what i think has been a really successful initiative, a regular weekday evening which means I get to enjoy my hobby a lot more frequently than I would otherwise.

Looking forward to 2017. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yesr folks!

Dave H
Great Tuesday night fun as always, thanks for Rich stepping in to ref.
Good party to crew for. (nudge, nudge Dave 🙂)

QUOTE(Ironcore @ Dec 21 2016, 07:38 AM) *
Great Tuesday night fun as always, thanks for Rich stepping in to ref.
Good party to crew for. (nudge, nudge Dave 🙂)


And a big thanks to Andy - who because of his amazingness deserves his own separate post ...!

Sorry Andy!! In my defense it was 6am and I hadn't had a coffee by then..!
Thanks Rich and crew, really good evening
Likewise, really fun evening - thanks to Mark, Andy, Ed & Stacey and of course Rich in particular for stepping in at the last moment to ref,

thanks all & Happy Christmas,

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