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After a busy week last week is back to a normal weekend this week, although is a reoccurring theme over all events booked, we need monsters! So, if you want to avoid the Christmas crowds at the shops and escape the cold please do come down to monster one of the following events:

Church of Dead Heroes Max 15k Guild Special, reffed by Matt Jenkins. Really needs an a-ref and at least 1 monster to make this run. Currently only 6 players, most of who are playing characters that only manage to be played once a year.

An open Max 750 reffed by Sean cook, is full on players for the Sean’s grand return to reffing and the first part of a campaign he running over the next few months. Has Benson as his a-ref but needs some monsters.

Almacsa No Max Myths Lead up, reffed by Craig Pezet and Sam Mottram. Getting in nice and early with the first myths lead ups, this is running Saturday and Sunday and currently 2 monsters and the 2-refs. If you are interested in playing this or the myths itself please get in Touch with Sarah Williams.

An open max 750, reffed by Paul Bayliss, has 7 players just needs an a-ref and some monsters to help him out.

Church of Mortai Max 4k Guild Special, reffed by me, I have 10 players booked, with Dave H as an a-ref and Benson monstering, although I would love another couple of monsters they should probably go to the 750 first!

Part 2 of the Almacsa myths lead up, see above for details!

Further ahead

We are still needing refs for the open dungeons on the 10th, 17th and 18th December. These are the last 3 reffing spots to be filled this year, please do think about filling them!

The Next Tuesday club is on the 6th December, a max 1k being reffed by Jasper, full on crew but still 6 player spaces available.

Saturday 10th December is Christmas celebration day at the caves, don your Santa outfits for the single length being reffed by Giles, all the details here: Xmas Event Details
There’s also a max 1k and 5250 that day at the caves for those who want a full days play.
Fi has then organised the xmas drinks in the Bickley afterwards, we have the tables left of the door booked from 4pm. Always a good laugh and a chance to show off your bad xmas jumpers. Would be great to see old faces and new there.

Final Dawn event is on the 27th-29th December to burn off the xmas food and/or escape the family, being master reffed by Lee. Details all here:Final Dawn Info

Moving in to 2017, I will let you know when the open dungeons are all up for bookings but for now there is a Tribal Themeday on Saturday 21st January. Is currently 2 full parties of 13 players, being reffed by Miles and Sarah. Has 2 a-refs, and 2monsters, if we can get a couple more monsters booked we will open up a 3rd party, please do think about monstering it.

Rumours and Gossip

The New Almanac is out, lots of guild updates and world info, plus as special guest piece from Mr Witts including all the details of the fabled Winja class!

The yearly monstering bonus scheme is having December off, it will be starting again on 1st January and running for the year. Mainly as bringing it inline with the calendar year makes it easier to keep track of. All the details will be posted nearer the time.

Still plenty of spaces on the 3 and 4-day events next year, except the 1500, see the separate post for details.

Finally, congratulations are in order to Tiffer and Rebecca who recently got engaged! smile.gif
We still ideally need at least 1 more monster each day this weekend to ensure everything can run without people having to book off. One for the 750 on Saturday and one for the 250 on Sunday, so nice easy level to monster for! If you are free please do book on.

Final Dawn details bookings are all up to date now, just to confirm any bookings should come to me on We are in need of more monsters for it, if you are free any of the 27th, 28th or 29th December please come and monster! Drop me an email to confirm what days you can do so I can move people off the waiting list.
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