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A busy week coming up at the caves this week, with dungeons Tuesday, Thursday. Saturday and Sunday plus another system using the caves Saturday night so quite a long post, so will get straight on with event details:

A max 750 Tuesday Club dungeon, reffed by Giles A. Currently full of crew but only 7 players, some more would be good. For those not aware, these start about 6.30pm, running through to about 9-9.15pm, where we then have pizza ready and waiting for us in the tavern, all included in the price of £27. Alway a fun and friendly evening.

A Max 7500 reffed by Sam Mottram. A chance to escape work during the week, with the advantage of having the whole caves to yourself for the dungeon. Could currently do with some more players and monsters. Event is a triple length, so 165 points up for grabs

Empress Goddess Guild Special, reffed by Ryan Kelly. Currently full on players it could however do with another monster or 2 for what is bound to be a fun and tough church outing.

An Open Max 750 – REF NEEDED! Has 6 players, but currently no ref or crew, if you can help out please do book on. A pre-written dungeon can probably be arranged if needed (that isn’t Halgar vamps or Chtulhu pirates!)

Young Players – Being reffed by Paul Dallen, could do with some more players and monsters for both the morning and afternoon.

An open max 1k, being reffed by Andy Washington. 8 players and 2 monsters is a good start, could do with an a-ref to help Andy out

Shadowdells No-Max being reffed by Chris Greenaway. The next instalment of the high level Shadowdells campaign, the bad guys are amassing a demonic army outside of Sellaville so Chris could do with a couple more monsters to ensure they don’t have to attack in waves of 2. Four more player spaces available as well.

Further Ahead
One of the aims going forward is to try and ensure there is always a lower level open dungeon each day at the caves so people can always pop down and play, if anyone can step in to ref this Saturday’s it would be great, we also need refs for the following open dungeons:
Sat 10th December – Max 1k, already has 12 players and 1 monster booked!
Sat 17th December – Max 1500
Sun 18th December – Max 750

Saturday 10th December is Christmas celebration day at the caves, don your Santa outfits for the single length being reffed by Giles, all the details here: Xmas Event Details
There’s also a max 1k and 5250 that day at the caves for those who want a full days play.
Fi has then organised the xmas drinks in the Bickley afterwards, we have the tables left of the door booked from 4pm. Always a good laugh and a chance to show off your bad xmas jumpers. Would be great to see old faces and new there.

Final Dawn event is on the 27th-29th December to burn off the xmas food and/or escape the family, being master reffed by Lee. Details all here:Final Dawn Info
I will be providing an update on the current bookings shortly, so keep an eye out for that.

Rumours and Gossip
The card machine is back working! Hopefully the phone line will be safe for a few months from the mice trying to chew their way through it again.

The new books are in stock at the caves thanks to Saint Tim of Treadwell

Some special event days are being planned for next year, alongside a number of campaigns, will et the details out as soon as we can.

Incase people don’t realise, after the caves most Saturdays and Sundays people always go to the pub for a beer or 2, anyone welcome to come over, although they do requested no costume/make up or unwrapped weapons in the pub!
We are still in desperate need of a ref for this Saturday Max 750, as well as 6 booked players it currently has an a-ref and monster so just need a ref to run what should be a fun small party dungeon. Is anyone able to help out? Really want to avoid situation where a player has to book off to ref it.
So tomorrow's 750 now has a ref, an a-ref and 3 monsters for only 6 players booked, so plenty of space for more players if people wanted to come down.
The Empress Goddess Guild special could also do with another monster to challenge a party that includes Duncan, Lee and Fi who are always owed monstering favours!

Sundays Shadowdells campaign could do with a couple more monsters still and the 1k needs an a-ref, would be great if anyone is free to help.
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