To keep everyone up to date on what’s running at the weekend and special events coming I will be doing a weekly post here of the current state of affairs as well as any interesting news or pub gossip worthy of sharing.

First of, this weekend we have:

Closed Max 10k Dungeon, organised by Christine to continue the fight against The Shadow of the First Evil (SoFE to his friends) Being reffed by Lee, who could do with a monster or 2 to assist.

An open Max 500 reffed by Matt Jenkins, 6 players, an a-ref and a monster already, so is all good to go as a small party event, but room for more on both sides.

An open Green Company Pre 8th dungeon, only 2 people booked on so will need a ref and crew ASAP for this to run.

An open max 1500, 3 players currently booked. It also has 4 new monsters coming to try out the system. A ref and some more players would be good to avoid having to throw them in to the deep end on other events.

Graham Plested is the birthday boy this weekend and to celebrate is running a max 250, being reffed by Will Power. Could do with an a-ref and some monsters to ensure he has a great day.

Blunt Club Guild Special; set as a max 5250, it is open to all guild members below that and being reffed by Giles. Could do with another couple of monsters, as well as having space for more players.

Tuesday 22nd
Another fun Tuesday night single length, being reffed by Giles, already full on crew but still 6 more player spaces for fun, games and pizza.

Thursday 24th
A max 7500 Thursday dungeon, first one in a while, being reffed by Sam and set as a 7500 triple length. 8 players but needing some crew to give them a fun day.

Further ahead
Over the next few weeks there are some high level guild specials, all of which need crew, as well as some Almacsar no max dungeons. If any of you fancy helping out at the end of the system get booking, or maybe look to arrange some playing/monstering swaps for them?

Saturday 10th December is Christmas celebration day at the caves, don your Santa outfits for the single length being reffed by Giles, all the details here: Xmas Event Details
There’s also a max 1k and 5250 that day at the caves for those who want a full days play.
Fi has then organised the xmas drinks in the Bickley afterwards, we have the tables left of the door booked from 4pm. Always a good laugh and a chance to show off your bad xmas jumpers. Would be great to see old faces and new there.

Final Dawn event is on the 27th-29th December to burn off the xmas food and/or escape the family, being master reffed by Lee. Details all here: Final Dawn Info
I will be providing an update on the current bookings shortly, so keep an eye out for that.

Rumours and Gossip
Extended length details will be going up this week, hopefully a good mix of events for everyone.

The new Almanac is basically all written and ready to go, will confirm when its out.

The day of the xmas single length & drinks there are plans to have another special envelope tombola going again, look out for further details from Duncan.

Duncan also has more plans, building based plans that will put the cementer mixer to its proper use, rather than as a hide and seek location.

NB. I make no promises that these all come true or to the time scales mentioned!!